10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know!


10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | Coupons.com

Outside of what some say are the best hot dogs around and some yummy sample foods, there are several significant benefits of shopping at Costco.

Yes, there is an annual membership fee, but if you utilize the warehouse and Costco membership benefits, that cost is quickly absorbed.

Here are a few lesser-known Costco membership benefits you might be missing out on if you’re waiting to join the club, if not, you can shop for similar deals at stores like  JCPenney or Advance Auto Parts.

1. Medical insurance

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

If you’re in the market for a new medical insurance policy, Costco could be the answer. They offer competitive rates for members with both individual plans and small business plans. As with any insurance plan, be sure to read the details to make sure your needs are met and the coverage is exactly what you need.

2. Free health screenings

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

While on the topic of health, Costco offers free health screenings through their pharmacy department. You can screen for conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis.  Contact your local Costco to find out when the screenings are offered or check your local store events online.

3. Budget eyewear & group vision plans

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

I have personally found great deals on reading glasses at Costco, which I happen to lose constantly. So, the small investment for a multi-package is well worth it! Additionally, Costco offers group vision plans.

4. Low prescription costs

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

Years ago I did a news story comparing prescription medications between several large pharmacies. Costco’s pricing came in significantly lower on many drugs. Always check with their pharmacy when comparing pricing.  And here’s a little known fact, in most states you do not need to be a member to take advantage of their pharmacy. You can let them know at the store’s entrance that you are there to drop-off or pick-up a prescription. If not a Costco member, try Walgreens for your prescription medication needs.

5. Unique deals on gift sets

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

Photo by a katz

Sometimes Costco will sell items packaged together in a gift set that you may not find in other stores. And the pricing is usually excellent! Check out the beauty and housewares sections around the holidays for these hidden gems. If you are not a Costco member, check out great gift deals at other retailers such as  Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret.

6. Low-cost vaccinations

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

Vaccinations are another service offered through the Costco pharmacy at very competitive pricing. If your medical insurance doesn’t cover these services, it’s worth it to research what you need and take advantage of the savings.

7. Discount movie tickets & gift cards

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

We all know by the time we buy movie tickets, popcorn and a drink, a night at the movies is a small investment! Costco sells discounted movie admission tickets. Stock up and hit a couple of hits this summer! On average you can save about 25%. Oh and more good news…the same goes for certain store gift cards!

8. Low grocery prices

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

Photo by Alastair Wallace

Certain grocery items can save you money! Check out their prices on cheese and peanut butter. And for items like peanut butter that have a bit of a longer shelf life you can stock up!

9. Great prices on birthday cakes

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

Costco’s bakery items offer some pretty amazing deals. If you have to buy a large birthday cake, be sure to check out the pricing here. And they actually taste just as good as some more expensive versions I have had!

10. Ink cartridge refills

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | thegoodstuff

And I may have saved one of the best tips for last! Costco will refill your inkjet cartridges. Just bring in your old ink cartridges and save up to 70 percent when compared to buying a new one! Plus, you’re helping to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Costco overall is a great place to find everything your family needs.  From groceries to clothing and automotive repair, the store is built to satisfy your needs with a single visit where other stores like The Home Depot that specialize their stores, Costco is for everyone!

Your turn! What amazing deals have you found at Costco? Share your shopping secrets with us in the comments below! If your not a interested in Costco membership, check out all of the latest deals at The Children’s Place.

10 Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know! | Coupons.com


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I see that Costco offers hearing aids at some locations with prices far below the major hearing aid chains. Online their most expensive ones are around $1700 a pair. Check out their website.

Hi Mikemcni,

Wow, great tip! And yes, if you can’t find something at your Costco store, it never hurts to check their website. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

The best thing about their hearing aids is future tune-up appointments are free. I got my mother hearing aids there and she’s gone back so many times for adjustments they couldn’t possibly have turned a profit on that purchase.

What I love about Costco, are their products like the Cabot’s sharp cheddar cheese, or the big wedges of Gorgonzola cheese. We just moved to SW Florida, and some of the things I could buy in NY are not as available in the supermarkets, but the Costcos all have the same products. The nearest Costco is z little far, but worth the ride.

And I found, if you crumble up the Gorgonzola cheese, or the big block of feta cheese, they each fit in the used and washed big peanut butter jars I save..they last for several weeks.

And office furniture we just bought a wonderful rolling office task chair. Red bondedleather and chrome.haven’t seen anything like it in the stores or catalogs

Hi Nancy,

Wow, it sounds like you’ve found some really great deals at Costco already! We love your tip for the cheese, thanks so much for sharing! :)

It’s only me a d. Y husband, but I love the Costco quality, so I found ways to still use the larger size things. I also buy the grated Italian cheeses, and freeze one. Those large size peanut butter jars are great for all kinds of storage…even for freezing.and if they drop, nothing pops open or breaks And since it’s vertical, it takes up less room in fridge. We love the bruscetta in a jar, but the jar is an urn shaped round red shape that takes up too much room, so, I the peanut butter jar it goes! BTW, the bruschetta also lasts a very long time even opened.I kept it on hand, with the parmeson crackers, for a fast appitizer for unexpected guests

Hi Nancy,

A few of us here are just husband and wife teams, and we love to shop at Costco, too! Freezing food is definitely a must if you’re buying in bulk for just two, though.

It’s so true about those vertical jars taking up less space. And the best part is you’re reusing a perfectly good jar — and saving money by not buying extra Tupperware containers!

Thanks again for the tips, we love them!

I buy produce there, and take apart the packages, and put each item in individual ziplock bags..like bell peppers, even the big bags of mixed lettuce salad mixes..like the Dole one, with iceberg lettuce, and carrot shreds. I put one meal portions in ziplock bags, store in the crisper, lasts at least a week. And the godo thing is, if something does go bad, it is contained

I freeze portions of meat, too.wrap them in flexwrap, then in a ziplock freezer bag…each time I buy a different kind, so eventually have a big variety.with chop meat, I freeze each portion as a flat patty.it defrosts faster, and can reshape easily..the shredded mozzarella, I also break into ziplock portions and freeze, too..also flattened. I can whip up a lasagna pretty quickly, with just a few more ingredients

And those bags of asisago/cheddar crackers..just warm up a bunch in the oven, an instant appitizer for parties..all alone, or with a mustard dip

There’s an old saying you used to see everywhere in Fl.
Bumper stickers, shirts, balloons, post cards, even an occassional billboard.
“We don’t care how you do it up north”.
Especially New York.
But if you want to irritate your neighbors and co-workers, by all means keep on telling them how much better NY is.

I love Costco, but sometimes their packaging irritates me, as a single. But anyway, last week, browsing the spices, they had a world class assortment of various types of salt BUT NO OREGANO! Not cool, Costco! Recently, they dropped canned peas, (which I feed to my tortoises), and I’m still getting over that! I had to quit my executive membership when they raised the price, since I usually only get a refund of about thirty bucks. Other than that, you can’t beat the prices at the snack bar. Their pepperoni pizza might be the best deal in town?


Yes, sometimes the bulk packaging is a bit hard to navigate as a single or even two-person household. Those of us here with 1-2 person families try to stick to nonperishables and freezer-friendly items. Their pizza is pretty darn good, we’ve had the Supreme and loved it! :)

I was told at my Costco that if your refund didn’t at least equal the cost of membership they would refund the difference at the office. Worth asking about. Maybe that’s just for regular-price memberships/

You are correct!! I’ve been told the exact same thing as well. They make it so it’s always a ‘win win’ situation. And you never know when you just may need to purchase a big ticket item making it worth purchasing the Executive Membership!!

I love Costco, but sometimes their packaging irritates me, as a single. But anyway, last week, browsing the spices, they had a world class assortment of various types of salt BUT NO OREGANO! Not cool, Costco! Recently, they dropped canned peas, (which I feed to my tortoises), and I’m still getting over that! I had to quit my executive membership when they raised the price, since I usually only get a refund of about thirty bucks. Other than that, you can’t beat the prices at the snack bar. Their pepperoni pizza might be the best deal in town?

They eye class cleaner for $4.99 and free life time refills if you bring in the small spray bottles. You could clean your entire house made of windows for free!

Hi Sunk818,

Wow, now that’s a tip we didn’t know! Thanks so much for sharing — we’re going to check it out next time we visit Costco. :)

WHY did you discontinue the Kirkland Diet Green Tea?
The Lipton replacement tastes like goblin p*ss!

Did some hillary supporting libtard purchasing agent there at CostCo find out the bottler donated to the RNC? WHAT GIVES?

Summer condiments ; ketchup, relish and mustard in one pack. Large jars of Kirkland mayonnaise. Kirkland butter in 3 pound packages that freeze well. The best; Kirkland Kettle Chips in the 2 pound bag. Highly addictive just from the bag with no dip needed.

A buck and a half for a soda and hot dog/Polish sausage can’t be touched anywhere else.

You’re forgetting the $55 service charge that needs to be added onto your “buck and a half”.

At the Costco I go to, you don’t have to be a Costco member to purchase the hot food outside the store.

I pay for my Costco membership in a couple of months by purchasing gas for my car there. Every other thing I save on is just gravy.

Costco is the place to go for Pecan Pie during the winter holidays. I had my first birthday cake from Costco this year and everyone loved it.. and for $19 it’s probably the best deal. One thing I am disappointed about is.. they stopped selling their package of Almond Cookies.. I used to love those.

I’m not a pecan pie fan but their apple pies are great, too. I held a reception at my home after a funeral recently and the Costco apple pie was the first thing to disappear from the buffet table and sent many compliments my way. Eat dessert first if your grief-stricken?

indeed, the white cake with butter crème frosting is a one of its kind. Awesome taste, I know I couldn’t find anywhere else. An gold member when I started back in 2013 now, via middle of 2015 till now im a executive member and loved it and haven’t looked back at the other store whats compared at Costco for the money I spend

CostCo’s Pharmacy usually beats the VA Pharmacy prices of $8 per prescription for a 30 day supply (at least it does for my blood pressure medications which I normally get refilled at CostCo in 90 day quantities).

Amazing Costco Membership Benefits We Bet You Didn’t Know:
Costco Travel and Car Rentals!

Rented a car in Pearson Int. in Toronto for a 4 day trip to Niagara Falls, ON. and back. Got bumped from a Passat to select a Sonata or Impala – total cost was 2/3 less than the next best offer. COSTCO uses Alamo, among other decent agencies. Quite a deal: 67% saving. (Just tried Edmonton-to-Calgary return, for 1 day, but deal was “only” 20% better than any other.)

Enterprise, Alamo, and National…all owned by Enterprise Holdings will give a Costco discount. The deal that you’re getting is completely subject to when you book the rental (way better if you book it well in advance), but the Costco discount is always going to be either 7 or 10% discount. I work there!! Hope you had great service!! Also, make sure to become either an Enterprise Plus member, or an Alamo Insiders member (free for both) but a fantastic way to get a discount with your rentals (may not always apply for the first rental, no guarantee…but should for all others after that!!)

Thanks a million.
Service was top-notch. Advance booking is indeed better, too. Keep up the good work and advice.

Awww, thanks so much for the nice reply!! I’m actually a rare bird in that I always try to insure that the customer is getting the absolute best deal!! I like to treat customers as I would like to be treated myself ;-). Also, forgot to mention to you just in case you weren’t aware of this…when you pick up at one location, but want to drop off at another location you incur what is called a ‘drop fee’. Unfortunately, that is one thing that we cannot delete, or give a discount on. The drop fee is due to what we end up incurring to now have that vehicle located at another location, and to get it back etc. Some agents do not explain that to the customer. The drop fee can widely vary in price from a few dollars to a few hundred, completely depends on where you pick up and where you want to drop it off. The only time I have ever seen it not appear on a one way rental is when you are picking up at an airport location, and dropping off at another airport location (not always, but usually does not charge the drop fee). Also, if you work for a large corporation or Co. it might be worth asking your Human Resources Dept. if they have an employee discount with us, and if so just ask them for the Acct #. Then you just give that number to us when you book the rental, or call to inquire about rates :-). Like I said, I’m always out to get the best rate for my customers!! Thanks for being a valued customer of ours, as you keep me in a job!! :-)

Don’t forget auto insurance. To hell with Geico and Progressive. And, forget high costs for Farmers or AAA.
Go to Costco for Ameriprise Auto Insurance. You will regret not to have signed up earlier.

No questions asked returns, on anything, at any time. It’s why we bought our mattress there. Screw the “bed stores”.

They do always ask me, though, lol. Must be human curiosity!
That said, they do not often accept refunds for food or alcohol sales (they have to throw it away, so they definitely push back on these).

Costco isn’t so amazing as you think it is, I purchased a tv a week before black Friday understanding that i would receive the $600 off when black Friday actually came as they posted there flyer online. The tv was $1649 online and with the 600 that was advertised made it a 1049 which i thought was a good deal for a 65″ lg 4k, they told me to call back and receive the 600 off when the 25 nov came. well the 25 came and i was on the phone going to get get my 600 back and then it started, the person on the other end had said ok Mr. x we are going to refund you $250, what, i said no thats not right its $600 in your flyer, he then said the price of the tv was 1999 so were giving you 600 of that price, immediately i lost it, you mean to tell me you raised the price of the tv 350 a week before blackfriday and tell customers there saving 600 when actual fact your not because we raised the price, thats criminal, he answer and i quote ” you have 90days to return, and your more then welcome to return it, I then proceeded to tell him that it will be returned not because i didn’t like it but because of principle and that i will be writing a letter to the head office to discuss my issue which i did and still have not heard a reply, so Costco just to let you know you may have the best warranty but your practices suck big time. Cheating customers before a sale is illegal in the uk and i wish it was here in Canada to but its not so luck is on your side.

Electronics is one of those things Canadians don’t generally pay a lot for, because of the stiff competition in Canada in that market.

But virtually everything else can be had at Costco for at least a small discount to most other places.

The Hot Dogs and the Ice cream, just cant’ be matched. Though an octogenarian, I still love good food and my drink including the good old Night (Knights’) Cap! Refilled Printer cartridges are as good as new and much cheaper than the new ! The quality of Produce is excellent though a bit pricey – well all good things come at a price, dont’ they? See, we got married at early ages, have stayed in that bliss now for 58 loving years – damn the cost!!!! Love you all ye good friends.

My husband saved $2500. on his hearing aids at Costco! Independent dealers
quoted us over $5000. for similar product. Costco also gives you a one time replacement for free, should you lose the pair. He took advantage of this benefit this past summer when he forgot to remove them before going into the ocean :/. One thing we didn’t do, was to sign up for the Executive Membership before hand. If you have the Executive membership, you get another 2% back on all your purchases.:)
Best deal ever!!!!
P.S.- not all Costco Warehouse offer this but it is certainly worth it to drive a distance
for the benefit.

The article misses some important points. If you’re buying a car you can avoid haggling via the Costco price. Just make sure to tell any dealer the MINUTE you enter the building that you are a Costco member. They have group pricing that works on any car, even used ones. It might not be lower than something on the lot you’re taking off their hands that they don’t want. But if you have your heart set on a certain model in a certain color with certain features, you’ll definitely save money by ordering through Costco. You can also get big-ticket items like flooring, countertops, custom window treatments, etc., at a discount. Costco also offers home mortgages through an associate with a low service-fee guaranteed upfront.

In addition to all the above-listed benefits, we buy our homeowners AND auto insurance through Costco and we’ve purchased our last 2 vehicles through their program, as well!! We’ve been members since 2008 and we LOVE our Costco!! ❤️

for those that live in md, january 2017. I found at the lanham md costco, led light bulbs, indoor 65w for 2.99 normally 17.99 for 4, 10(100w) led for 14.99(normally 34.99), 10(60w) led for 2.99(normally 14.99. Its a special rebate from md offered but not all costco’s are carrying the led bulbs or i suppose are out of stock.

Asked to get my BP taken, was taken to a room with a bogus machine and told to take my BP myself. BS service .. davie Florida store.

Costco member here. I have the executive membership. I do take advantage of certain discounts, such as my car insurance. However, the car buying program is really nothing. Most people can negotiate a better price without the Costco price. And, dealers will not stack the Costco price on top of negotiated price, which would lower the price even more. It is either 1 or the other. So, again, you are better off negotiating with the dealer and scrapping the Costco price. Also, when looking for car rentals, I do check with Costco ahead of time. However, I can always, and I mean always find a better rate going directly to Hertz. Enterprise is close, but if you are going one way, as I many times do, they charge a drop off fee. They never waive this fee nor negotiate the cost. It is set and not touchable. I have found that Hertz will always beat Costco’s “discount” on the other rental companies. If you have a particular rental company in mind, such as Avis, Costco’s rates are better than going directly to Avis. So, in that case I would use Costco. However, if you are looking for the best price overall, I would compare Hertz to Costco’s pricing every time…

FYI….you can more often then not avoid the ‘drop fee’ with Enterprise, Alamo, and National if you pick up at an airport location and drop off at an airport location. Just wanted to let you know in case you weren’t aware of this. I work for the company, so I do this everyday for customers. :-)

I once used their ink refill service. It was a disaster, they must have drilled the holes in the wrong places on the color cartridge, causing the magenta and cyan to mix. They’re thinner than stock as well, so there was bleeding on the page. Never again!

I always used Costco travel you can get a real deal on hotels rental cars and I always get money to buy on the ship plus after the cruise I will get a $95.00 Costco plus they are paying all of our tips I love Costco travel happy travel.

I buy most of my meat and lunch meat at least 1/3 cheaper that any super market

Buy all my meat and luncheon meat there at least 1/3 cheaper than any supermarket

Since the COSTCO founder retired three years ago the “new Management” is out for corporate profit leaving members in the dust. Case lots are available and often cheaper at Walmart. Product lines are continually changed at COSTCO based upon corporate profit and not on member expectations or reliability. For example Campbell’s soup case lots are no longer done. Utility shelves are of changed dimensions that no longer match shelves previously sold by COSTCO as well they are of inferior quality to utility shelves previously carried.
Costco liquor focuses on California wines and avoids Canadian wines – again corporate profits and after volume rebates going to COSTCO not the members.

Benefit #11
Not putting the members first drives COSTCO members to shop elsewhere.

They also offer a pet prescription discount program at the pharmacy! You have register for it separately, so make sure you ask!

As other benefits of a Costco membership is those in the market for a new vehicle could get an even better deal at a ford dealership on any vehicle in the lineup.

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