Start Now and Get All Holiday Cooking Done Early

Start Now and Get All Holiday Cooking Done Early | thegoodstuff


The holidays should be about the process, not just a single day. If you wait until the 11th hour to do all your shopping and wrapping, cooking and baking, then it’s probably going to feel like one big chore. Instead, spread it out. Start stockpiling. Make shopping for gifts as fun as opening them, and cooking as enjoyable as eating. Here are your Holiday Helper assignments for week 4.

Get the miscellaneous shopping out of the way

In addition to your gift-giving list, there are all these little things you need. Purchases that can really add up and leave you wondering where all your money went. Check those items off of your list early in the season and spread the purchases out over a few months.


  • Take advantage of post Halloween sales. November 1 is the best day to buy candy. Buy everything you need to decorate gingerbread houses, make a DIY holiday countdown calendar and for holiday baking. A melted down pumpkin shaped chocolate can work as well as regular-shaped chocolate chips.

Wondering what to do with that giant haul from Halloween? Check out some of these ideas

  • Check the dollar section for stocking stuffers. Big box stores like Target often have a section near the front of the store that’s full of those small items you-never-knew-you-needed. Grab a couple of items every time you shop and you’ll soon have a stocking full.

Don’t forget to grab those Target coupons before shopping!

  • Stockpile hostess gifts. Do a quick count of the parties you expect to attend and buy a one-size-fits-all hostess gift. For example, take advantage of a case discount on wine and you’ll be covered.

Start cooking now

Cooking for the holidays in November may sound crazy, but thanks to the magic of the freezer, it’s totally possible. Imagine how stress free Thanksgiving would be if you made one dish a week from now until November 26?


  • Make one dish for Thanksgiving. A lot of the items on your Thanksgiving table can be made ahead of time and frozen. Tackle a single dish this week like a green bean casserole or apple pie.

We love make-ahead dishes! Check out these Thanksgiving favorites

  • Mix up cookie dough. Cut out cookies that freeze really well, such as sugar and gingerbread. Or make your dough, flatten into rounds, double wrap and freeze until you’re ready to roll out and decorate.


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