Living in the Future: Connecting Alexa with Appliances

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Imagine lounging in your favorite chair with a glass of cold iced tea and the temperature in the house is just not right. You want it to be just a bit cooler. So, you tell Alexa what temperature you would like your air conditioner to be, without having to move an inch. Now you can.

Sears has launched Kenmore products on Amazon with Alexa-enabled smart appliances. The first product to rollout is the Kenmore air conditioner. Sears will do a test pilot of other appliances including washers, dryers and dishwashers beginning sometime around the end of July to the beginning of August.

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This will be the largest distribution of Kenmore products outside of Sears stores and their own online retail platforms. The plan is to have complete distribution of the full line of Kenmore home appliances on available in all U.S. markets. In addition to purchasing Kenmore products, consumers will also have access to Sears Home Services and Innovel Solutions offering white-glove service on delivery and installation. There will also be options for extended product protection on a range of home appliances.

“Voice is a natural interface for the smart home, so we’re thrilled that customers can now simply ask Alexa to interact with their Kenmore Smart appliances,” said Charlie Kindel, Director of Alexa Smart Home. “We’re excited that Kenmore has added Alexa functionality to these products and we think customers will love the convenience of cooling their home, starting their laundry, and more, using only their voice.”

Buy your Alexa today and get ready to live in the future. 

Some of the appliances offer Amazon Prime which means free shipping and quick delivery for Prime members. And always check with your local gas and electric company for moneysaving tips when it comes to using your appliances. Often times doing simple things like turning up your air conditioner by a couple of degrees can save you on your energy bill. Or doing your laundry at certain times during the day, the off-peak hours, will bring the bill down!

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