Colorful DIY Projects for Spring

Spring is around the corner! We have some fun DIY projects to splash some color into your life. For year-round ideas, visit the Pinterest page.

Colorful DIYs

1. Earbud Wrap (sourced from
Materials – earbuds, thread (as many colors as desired), scissors
Instructions – Cut any length of thread. With one end of the thread, secure a knot at the base of one ear piece. With the long end of the thread, wrap down the earbud wire. Be sure to use the long end of the thread to wrap around the short end as well. Tie and wrap with the next color whenever desired. Make sure the next thread overlaps the previous thread. Complete for entire length of earbud wire. At the “Y” intersection, wrap thread around both wires and double knot to secure any ends.

2. Fabric Tape (sourced from
Materials – fabric scraps, dull paper tape, Mod Podge, wax paper, scissors, ruler
Instructions – Tape any length of the paper tape onto wax paper. Cut fabric strips a little wider than the tape. Attach the fabric onto the top of the paper tape with Mod Podge. Let the tape dry, cut off any excess fabric.

leprechaun-hat-favors copy meow3. Leprechaun Bowler Hats (sourced from
Materials – plastic food containers, green acrylic paint, a small paint brush, porous sponge, scissors, tape, black ribbon, yellow and green cardstock
Instructions – Paint the outside of the container with a paint brush as many times as it takes to make it opaque. Paint again with a sponge to even texture. When dry, decorate with black ribbon, buckle and shamrock. Fill with gold coins to pass out!

Leaf Print Eggs4. Leaf Print Eggs (sourced from
Materials – hard-boiled eggs, small flat leaves, nylon stockings cut into 3-inch sections, rubber bands, water, white vinegar, food coloring, large glasses, spoon
Instructions – Lay a leaf on an egg and hold it down by inserting the egg into a piece of nylon stocking. Pull both openings of the stocking together and tie the two ends with a rubber band. Dip the egg into a glass of dye bath – 1/2 cup warm water, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and desired amount of food coloring. Keep egg submerged for 4 minutes and remove with spoon. Remove everything from the egg and let completely dry.