College Students: 5 Times Your Bank Account Saved the Day

College Checking Account; 5 Times Your Bank Account Saved the Day | thegoodstuff

We all know most college students are working hard to stick to a strict budget. But that can be tough with mounting debt and champagne taste when all you can afford is cheap beer. Keeping finances in the green doesn’t have to feel like quantum physics — having the right bank with the best service can make a big difference in your financial success.

Problem: With an especially intense schedule this semester, you’re staying up later and stopping by the campus coffee shop more often. A quick review of your account shows you spent around $50 in the past two weeks, which is way out of your budget.

Solution: Reviewing your account and analyzing spending is a great habit to develop. With banking access through your mobile device you can keep an eye on your cash flow without a second thought. Set a firm budget for convenience coffee, and learn to make your own. If you’re really particular about your brew, consider buying a Chemex or a French press. Make serious coffee while saving serious cash.


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Problem: You and your study group are famished after reviewing for a big test. Everyone agrees to share some pizza and breadsticks, but the delivery driver can only accept one credit card. It’s time to settle up and no one has cash!

Solution: A friend floated your group for the pizza, but you don’t want to make him wait for reimbursement. Lucky for you Chase has made it easy to send cash to anyone, anywhere with Chase QuickPay. Use it to send money virtually with just an email address or phone number.


Problem: With a packed schedule, you don’t have much time to cook. Dining out is a practical reality in this situation, but it’s getting expensive.

Solution: Make a food budget and stick to it. The food court below the library is a convenient place to refuel, but set a limit for yourself that you can stick to. Learn to cook some simple, healthy, and inexpensive meals and stick them in your backpack when you know you’ll be on campus for an extended time period.

Check out these ideas for easy, on-the-go meals that will keep you away from the food court. 


Problem: You are Broke with a capital B and swamped during finals week. Your sweet Aunt Barb sent a check for your birthday and you’re too busy to cash it at the bank.

Solution: Deposit that check with Chase QuickDeposit. Take a picture of the check with your phone and deposit that birthday money instantly.



Problem: When you have cash on hand, it seems to burn a hole in your pocket. Impulse buys are at their worst when your money is right in front of you. That $20 quickly disappears into pennies and you often have no idea what happened!

Solution: Set up a savings account and earn interest on your hard earned cash — don’t spend every penny. Even if you’re saving a small amount each month, it makes a difference and teaches the value of saving.


Taking the plunge into managing bills, your own well-being, and your educational future might feel overwhelming, but it’s completely doable. No matter your educational path or personal goals, be sure you have complete control over your finances!

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