3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is a Must for Your Pet

3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil for Dogs & Cats is Amazing | thegoodstuff

If you’re already on the coconut oil kick to improve your health, kudos to you! But did you know coconut oil can benefit your pets, too?

Show your four-legged pal a little extra love this holiday season and shop the best Black Friday sales at their favorite pet store — we’ve even found some fun pet gift ideas to get you started!

From your pocket pug to your cuddly lap cat, coconut oil can be useful for grooming your pet, reducing itchiness and treating ear infections, and even as digestive aid. Keep reading to find out how coconut oil is the cat’s pajamas!

Quick tip: Always be sure to consult your vet before you introduce your pet to coconut oil! Your vet can make recommendations on how much coconut oil you should use, if you should dilute it, and if other actions should be taken to ensure your pet is healthy, active, and happy!

1. Coconut oil helps soothe cats’ & dogs’ itchy ears, ear mites & infections

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It’s easy to feel a little paranoid every time your dog or cat takes a swipe at their ear with their paw. Do they have an ear infection? Ear mites? Or are they just itchy?

Coconut oil can relieve your stress and soothe your pet’s ears. Just add a few drops to their ear, then massage the area around their ear to help clean out any wax and soothe itchiness.

Guess what? Coconut oil will also smother any bothersome ear mites!

You only need to apply coconut oil to your pet’s ears every day or two to keep them clean, healthy, and itch-free.

If you haven’t tried coconut oil yourself, don’t let your pet have all the fun! Skip the harsh chemicals and use our DIY coconut oil makeup remover instead!

2. It gives your pet a healthy coat & loosens tangles

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If your pup’s been playing in puddles or kitty’s been napping in the backyard, it might be time for a B-A-T-H. Add some glossy shine to your pet’s coat with coconut oil. Just add a few drops to your pet’s shampoo and it will act as a conditioner, soothe any irritated skin, and deodorize any lingering smells. (If your kitty desperately needs a bath, check out Petfinder’s guide on how to give your cat a bath!)

If your pet isn’t one for bath time but you still have matted fur and tons of tangles, use coconut oil as a natural detangler. Add a few drops to your hands and massage it through your dog or cat’s fur, then let it sit a few minutes before grooming. Those mats will be no match and tangles will fall right out!

If your four-legged friend has hot spots, massage a few drops of coconut oil onto the irritated areas. Its high vitamin E content will help naturally soothe any irritations. Ahh!

3. It helps with pets’ digestion problems

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Did you know you can feed coconut oil to your pet? Some claim that coconut oil for dogs can lessen that smelly doggie breath, meaning more puppy kisses all around.

Other health benefits of coconut oil for dogs and cats include improved digestion, skin, and coat health, along with better weight loss and diabetes management, helping with constipation, and improved energy and heart health.

The reason why coconut oil is such a powerful natural cure for pets is the same reason why it’s so amazing for us humans. Not only is it high in vitamin E, coconut oil contains middle chain triglycerides, or MCTs. If you’re reading that and thinking, “What is that?!,” you’re not alone! MCTs include things like lauric and oleic acid, and these make it naturally antiviral and antibacterial.

The best part about feeding coconut oil to your pet? They love it and they can’t get enough of it! Of course, that doesn’t mean you should give your dog or cat as much coconut oil as they want.

Instead, start out with small doses and gradually build up to a full dose, as recommended by your veterinarian. Larger pets can typically be fed 1-2 Tablespoons a day, while smaller pets should have no more than 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil per day.

Your turn! Have you tried one of coconut oil cures for dogs and cats? Let us know how it went in the comments below!


23 replies on “3 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is a Must for Your Pet”

I’m glad I found this article! I was just doing some research to ensure that it is safe for cats to consume. EVERY single time I get coconut oil out of the cabinet, my cat goes crazy. So I’ve been giving him a little and he loves it! I’m glad to read that it has benefits for him too! :)

Hi Jessica,
We’re glad you found this article, too! We hope your kitty is enjoying his coconut oil, along with snuggles and lounging in the sunlight. ;)

Glad to finally find out why my dog licks my legs after I put coconut oil on to moisturize them. I don’t know how many times she has heard “Quit licking!”.

It’s always a bit surprising to find out some of the things our pets will like. At least now you know it’s not harmful in any way to your pup! :) Thanks for reading!

Haha Our dogs do this as well & 1 of our pups even does this when I put lotion on! One day I had my container of body butter which she always licks off, thus the incessant”Quit licking me!!!!” lol I jokingly offered her the container body butter & she wouldnt touch it haha Coconut oil is great for us & them! Incidentally, almond oil is also great for skin & hair, but they dont try to lick it off for some reason haba

We have a cat who is about 14 years old and he was throwing up multiple times a day and eating plastic. Store bought hairball remedies weren’t helping at all and just increased his wanting to eat plastic as their main componut outer than flavoring is petroleum jelly. So after reading about the use of coconut oil in adding digestion issues and as a hairball remedy we tried it. And I am happy to report we saw results after just one use. We gave him 1teaspoon full and he didn’t t puke at all that day. We have continued to admister one teaspoon full for a week and are planning to drop down to one teaspoon full 2-3 times a week. He still has not thrown up in a whole week you!

Hi Heather,

That’s so wonderful to hear! It can be so hard trying to figure out why our pets get sick, so I’m glad your kitty is feeling better now. What a handsome guy, too!

White vinegar is highly helpful in alleviating the problem in early infestation stages. It soothes the infected region while the acidic levels (acetic acid) in white vinegar eliminate debris and dirt, revitalizing a healthy balance inside the ears.

Raw coconut oil has worked MIRACLES! No more health problems! My pug is very happy, lively and full of energy. All her digestive problems have gone and her appetite is good! When they say that coconut oil works miracles, they definitely do not exaggerate! I am truly amazed by its healing properties.

Glad to hear this ! We have a Bug(boxer&pug) he’s small like a Pug but has the muscle of a boxer so he’s about 30lbs. And we’ve just started Coconut Oil and also using it on his ears because he’s always itching them and it seems to have done wonders already

All of my ferrets (18) came down with the flu…they were having a difficult time breathing, painful hacking, and sneezing. I put a plate of coconut oil in for them and w/in 2 days not a single cough from a single ferret from then on. Miracle from heaven.

I have a 10 year old cat who always gets ear mites. We have gone through 3 prescriptions in the past 3 years. I have a kitten who has gone through a prescription for ear mites in the past 8 months and she still had them. Several days ago I decided to use coconut oil on a Q tip because we use it. and you can see if there are any ear mites. I thought the oil might smother them, like ticks are smothered to release there grip in you. The next day there were no more ear mites. We plan on using it every day for a week and take it from there. I also know it has many other important properties. This is a very good article

I love your articles. My 3 dogs love coconut on everything…especially jerky type treats, it seems to soften the jerky a bit. Get the natural raw unprocessed kind. It is really yum on toast…for pet owners, too.

Hello. I was wondering if the ordinary coconut oil should have the same effect as the virgin coconut oil. Those two differ so much price-wise. And i also saw virgin coconut oil for sale at the nearby livestock feed store that’s specific for animal use, is this article about that kind of oil or is it fine to use ordinary ones. Again, the virgin coco oil really is pricey.

The virgin coco oil is not refined, meaning its not processed or cooked thus why its a bit more expensive which seems crazy since less steps, less/zero processing should equal less in price. Nonetheless the unrefind tastes & smells like coconut whereas the refined has no smell/taste. I would offer a suggestion to make sure not to choose which coconut oil by price as some are heavily refined so they may not be as good.They may have other ingredients but not sure nor have I researched differences yet or why some are much more expensive. My dogs will eat either type lol One of my fav brands is the Better Body Foods brand. We get ours at Winco but there are many other stores you can find it in & its not expensive. Some are more expensive I believe just based on the brand, but who knows lol Again, so many great brands out there but to me its worth paying a little more for better overall product.

I use coconut oil for & in a number of things which still amaze me how well it works for the things it does. Years ago, I remember looking up coconut oil & how so many have had success with using it specifically to help/cure cavities as well a tooth abscesses. To be honest, I thought the reports & articles were either fake or embellished until I started using it for my own dental issues after having a number of infections & abscesses related to chemo as well as a number of medications which did much damage to my dental health. I was shocked as to the results & since have gone on to use coconut oil to cook with, for my dogs dental, gut, dental & overall health for things like skin allergies/itching, bad breath, nausea but also because my dogs LOVE coconut oil! I also use it in my hair as a conditioner(which doesnt make it overly greasy as one would think)to brush my dogs teeth with(I add it to their toothpaste along with a tiny bit of baking soda for extra measure)I use it on my skin for dry patches, chapped lips, for sunburn relief, on wood furniture, to combat rust as well as a lubricant for things which would require things like WD 40. Im sure there are other ways Ive used it but just know its never failed me. Somehow it moisturizes without greasiness, combats/prevents infection(it even helps abscesses or pimples come to the surface because of this affect!)Its a wonder product I will always use & always believe in.

My dog had been scratching her ear for several weeks. I recently used coconut oil for my insect bites and I was so amazed by how it worked on the bites I thought I would try it on her ear and it was cleared up in less than 24 hours!

My cat has had mites for about a month now.

For 3 weeks i`ve been cleaning her ears with coconut oil. i use about 5-6 millilitres of oil per ear. massage for about 10-15 seconds and wipe with a cotton ball.

she shakes out a bit and over the day continues to shake or scratch.

its been 3 weeks and shes still scratching.

the vets with good reputation in my area are all closed due to covid. i don`t have any available vet in my area to bring her to.

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