Clever Ways to Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home
Tidying up and getting organized is a common spring resolution for many households. The first step of course, is to go through what you’ve already got and clear away what you’re no longer using. Donate it to charity, pass items onto a friend or family member, or try reselling items online to help fund your blissfully organized future!

Once you’ve cleared out your space, now it’s time to introduce some organizational hacks that’ll keep you in line and organized for the long-term. Here are some clever ways to declutter your home and reorganize just about any space – all for under $100!

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Laundry Room
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Most people don’t want to spend time in their laundry room – and for good reason! Home to stray socks and dirty clothes, this cleaning cave can actually be made into a little oasis. For your clothes, opt for a laundry bin that can double as décor to keep smells at bay. Next, grab some metal bins and organize all your laundry essentials. Not only will it keep your space organized, your furniture will stay protected by keeping detergents and bleaches off of wood or resin surfaces.

Animal Laundry Hamper – $66
Medium Storage Basket – $15.97 each

Dining Room
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Want to be the perfect host and minimize the hassle of having a celebration-ready space? Instead of a big, bulky piece of furniture in your dining room, consider a rollaway bar cart containing everything you need to raise a glass. When the party’s over, simply fold and roll it into storage and keep your dining room light and bright. If you’re working with a small space, another trick is to unfold a room divider to create a more intimate vibe – and keep guests out of another area you may not have had time to tidy up.

Smartfold Silver Serving Cart – $41.97
Black and Natural 4-Panel Room Divider – $71.99

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The better organized your kitchen is, the quicker mealtime will be. First, do away with those bulky (and messy) bags of kitchen staples like flour or sugar. Stainless steel canisters will keep things fresher for longer, plus take up less space. Short on cupboard space? Try some simple wall shelves over the sink in lieu of artwork and display your most covetable (or most-used) serveware.

Stainless Steel Canister Set – $24.97
Dolle Lite Shelf in White – $12.97

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Whether you’re using your office for crafting, organizing your family’s life, or making a living, there are plenty of ways to keep this space streamlined for your sanity. Store awkward items – like wrapping paper – in a tall bin that puts everything in plain sight to avoid a ‘dumping ground’ situation. Next, take any shelves and add in some decorative storage options that will help separate your essentials and present a clean look. Finally, maximize wall space by using magazine holders to stash papers, folders, or even the kids’ homework – as long as you designate an ‘inbox’ and go through it on a regular basis.

Corn Leaf, Rope and Banana Leaf Tall Basket with Handles – $84.37
Chevron Bone Brown / White Boxes Set of 3 – $64.23
Silver Wall-Mounted 2-Tier Magazine Rack – $88.40

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Cleaning bathrooms is nobody’s favorite job – but it can be made way simpler if you keep clutter to a minimum. Keep things off the counter as much as possible to make it easy to get in there with soap. A tray or basket is ideal for stashing extra towels or toilet paper for guests under the sink or on top of the toilet tank, while drawer organizers will speed up your morning routine in front of the mirror.

ECO Tank Top Tray in Bamboo – $11
Natural Wood Expandable Small Drawer Organizer – $15

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You can stay as organized as you want – but when it comes to the kids’ spaces chaos can erupt. Try a few organizational hacks that make tidying up feel closer to fun. A colorful storage system ensures they can always find their favorite toy in a flash – team up together to label the bins so they know where everything belongs. An affordable piece of furniture for playtime and arts and crafts is a smart investment when it also doubles as storage! Finally, take one of the most beloved toy brands – LEGO! – and turn it into stackable storage and you’ve got a modular system the kids will actually enjoy interacting with.

Kids Storage Organizer with 12 Bins – $56
White 6-Cube Activity Table – $86.33
LEGO Stackable Boxes – From $9.93

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Your front hall is often the first impression you’ll make for guests – so make sure it’s a good one! Optimize your space by picking furniture that pulls double-duty, like a cushy bench to slide your shoes on or off that can also stash out-of-season jackets and accessories. Give each family member their own basket to stash their mittens, hats, scarves, and other apparel so they’re always within reach, but out of sight.

Alpine Gray Storage Bench – $34.99
Seagrass Bin Basket Set of 3 – $68.97

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Tidying up your closet is one of the first places most people start. No matter how big or small your space, a modular storage system can work wonders to ensure everything has its space – look for a style with optional drawers or doors to tuck away smaller items like underwear or socks. For really small accessories, a magnetic storage bar can keep cufflinks, jewelry, and even makeup spic and span for your vanity area. Finally, make the space easy to clean by keeping shoes off the ground and tucked under your clothes with a stackable shoe rack.

Modular Eco Stackable 3-Cube Cubby Organizer – $37.50 each
Magnetic Storage Bar with 5 Canisters – $14.98 each
Stackable Shoe Storage – $59.97