Clean Out Your Closet & Eliminate Fashion Clutter


Every woman dreams of obtaining a perfectly organized closet; however, our lofty organization plans seem to be postponed and brushed aside month after month. This January, it’s time to finally tackle your messy closet. We’ve put together a list of easy tips to help you clean out your closet and eliminate fashion clutter for good!

Plan Around Your Closet

Plan Around Your ClosetSource: Rockwell

The first step to creating a closet free of clutter is to accept the storage space you have. Before beginning your closet organization project, see how much space you have to store your fashion pieces. Start by taking every single piece of clothing out of your closet and add in all of your organizational pieces (hangers, baskets, shelves). Once all of your storage is in place, count the number of hangers and baskets and commit to only keeping that many pieces in your collection. When you clean out your closet with this process, it allows you to see just how much your fashion collection needs to be downsized.  Your clothes and accessories will be worn frequently if you can easily locate them, but your favorite hot pink dress will never see the light of day if it’s stuffed in the back of an overflowing drawer.

Maximize Your Storage Space

Maximize Your Storage SpaceSource: Fresh American Style

Now that you’ve created a plan of action, it’s time to go shopping for a few organizational tools that will help you maximize your closet’s space. Trade in bulky plastic hangers for thin velvet hangers. The velvet material grabs onto your clothes to prevent pieces from falling to the floor, and the thin design allows you to hang more items in the same amount of space. Drawer organizers are another good organizational tool that will help you store more items in each drawer while keeping everything neat when you clean out your closet.

Sort Everything

Sort EverythingSource: PopSugar

When you start to clean out your closet, you first set up your new storage pieces and then the sorting process begins. Lay out four bins and assign a category to each: sell, donate, trash, keep. Maintain the rule that once an item is in a bin, it stays there. Go through every item you own and try to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Any brand name items that are in relatively good condition can be sold online for a small profit. Websites like Twice, Bib + Tuck, and Poshmark make selling gently used items quick and easy. If you’re not interested in selling your items, consider donating them to charities such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army. In addition to helping a good cause, you can use the value of the donated goods as a tax deduction. Once all of your items are sorted, go through the “keep” pile and make sure the number of items doesn’t exceed the number of hangers and bins in your closet. If there are still too many items, try to go through the pile again to eliminate the fashion clutter.

Create a Functional Closet

Create a Functional ClosetSource: Pink Peonies

Store your clothes in a functional manner that will help you to utilize each piece in your collection. Create a section for each category of clothing (pants, skirts, shorts, shirts, sweaters, dresses) and then sort each category by color and length. Having a set of organizational rules for your closet will keep the space clean and organized throughout the entire year.

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