Celebrating Our Coupons.com Dads

Coupons.com DadsHere’s what they really want for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we thought it’d be a great time for you to meet some of the dads who spend much of their week at the Coupons.com offices.

We asked them to share with you what they love to receive on their special day (it’s Sunday!), and here’s what they said. (Hint: Not one mentioned a tie. Funny.)

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“I would like a Fitbit Flex or anything else that can help me get in shape. I also need to increase my hipster look, so cool shoes or shirts are on my list too! Also I just want to spend the day doing nothing with my family, no birthday parities, kids activities, dinner parties, or other overscheduled activity. I just want to lay low.” -Justin Mehta

“For me it’s not about getting stuff—it’s about spending time together and slowing life down. No email or Facebook, no ringing phones. Just a few hours of talking, walking, laughing and hanging out. And believe or not, I love it when my daughter needs some help from me or asks for some advice. It’s these small moments that keep us connected.” -John Belanger

“I love receiving homemade crafty gifts from my kids. The best part is when they explain and present their beautiful works of art.” -David Kha

“I love surprises from my son. I would love it if he would run into the bedroom and wake me up by saying, “Happy Father’s Day!” My day would start with breakfast, followed by a glass of wine or beer in the afternoon, and later, dinner at my favorite restaurant. And I want to be home just in time to sit on my porch and watch the last of the evening light slowly roll away.” -Rudy Gonzalez