Why Photography Is The Perfect Holiday Hobby


Why Photography Is The Perfect Holiday Hobby | thegoodstuff

The holiday season is packed with priceless moments, from carving the turkey to the moment the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Take advantage of this extra time with friends and family to practice your photography and master a new skill.

A quality camera can be a great investment. You can save money by taking your own family portraits, or even make money by selling your photographs. When shopping for new photography gear, you can save big when you buy select lens kits and bundles from Canon.

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Photography is a relaxing and rewarding hobby all year round, so take time to hone your skills this holiday season and savor the precious moments.

Festive Family Portraits


If your portraits are always missing the person behind the camera, it’s time to learn how to use your camera’s timer function. Practice to find the right timing before the family gets together. Then, just pop your camera on a tripod, and your next family portrait will be easy, simple, and fast.

Organize And Share


You know your Aunt Gertrude is going to corner you and ask 20 questions about your family vacation to Florida. Sit her down for a slideshow while you go get another round of cookies. Canon’s Connect Station CS100 makes it easy to store, organize, and share a lifetime’s worth of photos and videos.

Play With Your Food


Why spend hours baking and decorating cookies just to eat the evidence? Use a zoom lens or a macro lens to create delectable portraits of your culinary accomplishments.

Share Your Skills


Share your photography skills with your kids by teaching them how to use a camera. Or work on your skills together by taking one of the Canon Online Learning Courses.

Explore Bokeh


Bokeh photography plays with light and focus to create a beautiful blurring effect. Christmas lights make great bokeh subjects, whether located in the background or the foreground. Get in close to your photo subject and start shooting. You can also try cutting shapes out of cardboard and placing them in front of your lens for an interesting effects

Experiment With Video


Take your camera skills to the next level by experimenting with video. Finding the right framing and capturing crisper sound can make a home video into a masterpiece. Canon also offers an online learning course in getting started with DSLR video.

Print Your Gifts


A quality photo printer can turn your photography into heartfelt gifts for family and friends. An all-in-one printer can also scan old family photos, so you can digitize and preserve them or simply print new copies.


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