How to Build the Perfect Laundry Room

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Laundry rooms don’t often get the kind of love and attention they deserve – confined to a spare closet or an unfinished section of the basement, the laundry room is the place where we like to spend the least amount of time in our homes. But what if you could transform your laundry room from a cluttered, messy cave into a serene retreat? Whether you’re working with a small, tucked-away corner of your house or your washer and dryer have an entire room to call their own, there are many ways to simplify, organize, and decorate your home’s laundry space to create an appealing and functional room to suit your household’s needs.

Here we’ve compiled a list of some essentials from The Home Depot to build the laundry room of your dreams as well as a few organizational hacks to ensure your time spent sorting, hanging, and folding is as quick and painless as possible. We hope these tips will help turn a dreaded chore into a task you might even look forward to doing, if only to have an excuse to hang out in the most Zen room in your home.

Upgrade Your Washer & Dryer

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

If you’re working with a more open budget, or if you’ve had the same set of appliances for the last decade or two, it’s time to consider investing in a new washer and dryer. Having a matching set of quiet, sleek, energy-efficient appliances instantly elevates the visual appeal of the laundry room, not to mention your reduced water bill and environmental impact. With so many different looks and colors to choose from, you can easily pick a set that will fit in with the décor and style of the rest of your home.

High Efficiency Front Load Washer in White

High Efficiency Front Load Dryer in White

High Efficiency Washer in Black Stainless Steel

Electric Dryer with Steam in Black Stainless Steel

Stacked or Separate?

The Home Depot Laundry Room

If you have the space, one option is to arrange your set of front loaders side-by-side and install a counter overtop of your appliances: this will provide you with increased storage opportunities (think drawers and cabinets), a built-in folding surface, and as a bonus will also prevent any stray socks from falling behind the dryer and being forever separated from their partner. If you’re working with more restrictive dimensions, a set of stackable front loaders will make the most of your vertical space, leaving room beside the appliances for floor-to-ceiling storage cubes.

Quartz Countertop in Iron Bark

Cabinet in Textured Beach

Stackable 3 Cube Organizer in White

Shelving is Essential

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Shelving is an essential component to an organized, clutter-free laundry room and can be incorporated into your space regardless of its size. Cabinets and shelves are handy to have directly above your washer and dryer – detergent bottles, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets can be kept out of sight but within reach inside the cabinets, keeping smaller items in baskets on shelves is a simple way to reduce clutter, and a closet rod beneath a cabinet or shelf makes for a convenient drying space to hang your more delicate garments that won’t survive the dryer. For smaller laundry spaces, make sure to boost your storage by putting up shelves in unused corners of the room, or using shelving units on wheels that can be easily rolled out when needed and tucked away neatly when their work is done.

Laundry Open Shelves and Cabinet in White

Square Corner Shelf in Espresso

Slim Storage Organizer Rolling Cart

Metal Storage Basket in Copper

Woven Storage Basket

Wire and Wood Baskets

Maximize Your Space

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by chaos and disorder, we suggest creating additional storage along the walls and behind the door of your laundry room – keeping the products you need up off the floor and within reach makes such a difference. Hooks and over-the-door storage can save you precious floor and wall space while also keeping you organized. If you have enough storage but don’t have any room for an ironing board, consider mounting one to the back of your door or on your wall, or opting for a low-profile standing steamer instead. If a full-size ironing board is too cumbersome for your space and you’re not afraid of a little DIY project, you can make your own iron-safe board to sit on top of your washer or dryer – find one of many tutorials here: DIY Tabletop Ironing Board – or you can opt for a portable ironing board made especially for smaller spaces.

Storage Hook in Bronze

Over-the-Door Basket Organizer in White

Over-the-Door Basket Organizer in Espresso

Tabletop Ironing Board

Door Mounted Ironing Board

Fold-Away Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Garment Steamer

Sorting Systems

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Whether you’re living on your own or you’re the one in charge of the laundry for your entire household, having a sorting system in place for dirty clothes will save you time and energy come laundry day. Separating your lights, darks, and bright colors into their own baskets or laundry bags is pretty standard and does the trick, but if you wanted to take things a step further you could sort by fabric as well (denims, delicates, wools, etc.) if you have enough laundry to necessitate this extra step. Assigning each member of your family their own labeled or color-coded basket can help to simplify the process and reduce mix-ups.

Woven Hamper in White

Hamper in White and Grey Chevron

3-Bag Laundry Sorter with Hanging Bar

Good Lighting

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Quality lighting is a feature that is often overlooked in the laundry room, but an attractive light fixture can have a huge impact on the appeal and comfort of the space. Lighting is even more important if your laundry room is hidden away in the depths of your basement without any windows or a natural light source – choosing a fixture that lights up the room, both in the literal sense and as a beautiful design detail, will make the space more functional (no more straining to read those pesky washing instruction tags!) and feel more inviting.

Black and Cement Pendant Fixture

Light Cement and Wood Pendant Fixture

Oil Rubbed Bronze Sconce

Water-Resistant Flooring

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Don’t forget about your floors! Installing a flooring that is low-maintenance and easy to clean is a must – tiles and laminates are a better choice than wall-to-wall carpeting as your laundry room floor is quite likely to get wet and suffer the occasional detergent spill. Adding a finished floor to a basement laundry room will immediately warm up the space, and throwing in a couple of outdoor rugs will make things feel extra cozy.

Slate Tile in Black

Ceramic Tile in Black and White Encaustic Pattern

Area Rug in White and Grey Chevron

Woven Area Rug in Beige

Drying Racks

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

If you don’t have the room for a closet rod, a drying rack serves the same purpose. For small spaces, choose a rack that can be folded up and stored when not in use, or opt for a wall or door-mounted drying rack that can work double duty: hang your garments underneath the rack on hangers and use the surface as a folding table for larger items. If your laundry space is really tight, or if your door is already in use, another option is to hang a drying rack from the ceiling – for those of you up for a little DIY, a repurposed ladder suspended horizontally will add some visual interest, as well as functionality, to your space. Here’s one of a variety of different tutorials available online: Repurpose a Ladder into a Drying Rack

Foldout Drying Rack in Chrome

Over-the-Door Drying Rack in Stainless Steel

Ceiling Drying Rack

Create a Folding Surface

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Having a dedicated folding surface makes the laundry process significantly easier, more efficient, keeps clutter up off the floor and your clothes in better shape. A countertop over your washer and dryer can save you valuable space, or you can use a utility table or rolling cart if you would rather leave your appliances uncovered – the advantages of the rolling cart are the potential for additional storage if you choose to use the shelves for laundry supplies, and it makes for an easy way to transport freshly folded, clean clothes to their respective closets if your laundry room and bedrooms are on the same floor.

Utility Table in Stainless Steel

Wire Rolling Butcher Block Cart in Chrome

Personal Touches

The Home Depot - Laundry Room

Once your laundry room is set up to be as organized and functional as possible, don’t forget to include some personal touches and décor items to make the space feel like your own. A chalkboard wall could be a fun way to keep track of whose turn it is to wash, sort, and fold. Having a framed laundry guide on the wall is (almost) a guarantee your wool sweaters will never be accidentally tossed in the dryer again. If you don’t like messing around with sticky detergent caps, why not decant your detergents and fabric softeners into large labeled beverage dispensers? They’ll look cute on display and they’ll minimize detergent drips, too. If your laundry space is tucked away in a larger room, why not give it some separation using a sliding barn door? Or if you happen to be blessed with a massive laundry room, why not incorporate a bench or some comfortable seating if you prefer to wait between loads? These little details can turn your laundry room into a place where you actually want to spend your time.

Chalk Board Spray Paint

Glass Drink Dispenser

Printed Laundry Room Canvas

Printed Laundry Room Canvas Wall Art

Sliding Barn Door in White

Storage Bench


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