Budget-Friendly Smart Home Gadgets You Need to Buy

budget friendly smart home gadgets

Everything is getting smarter these days. Your phone, your car, so why not your home? Take your lovely abode to another level with six of the coolest smart home gadgets of the year. Pick the gadget that fits your needs with these budget-friendly options all under $200.

Pivot Power Genius

This Pivot Power Genius from Quirky is more than just another power strip. The bendable frame allows it to fit just about anywhere, and it fits any sized plug or adapter. The best part? You can sync two of the outlets with your smartphone for wireless enjoyment as two of the outlets are app-enabled.

quirky pivot power genius

Spotter Multi-Purpose Sensor

Keep your home in check with Spotter. This multi-purpose sensor monitors motion, light, temperature and even sound! Want to know when the kids get home from school? Spotter can tell you. Want to know when the laundry is finished? Spotter with send you a notification. Why wouldn’t you want this smart home gadget in your life?

spotter sensor

Moxie Wireless Speaker Shower Head

At first you might think to yourself, why does my shower head need a wireless speaker? But then you’ll remember all the times you’ve found yourself singing in the shower. Get up to seven hours of music by wirelessly pairing your shower head with your Bluetooth enabled device. And as an added bonus, the Kohler Moxie shower head also comes with 60 angled nozzles.

moxie wireless speaker shower head

Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor

Hands down, this is the best device for those without a green thumb. If you want a garden, but aren’t sure how to make it grow, invest in the Koubachi WiFi Plant Sensor for indoor or outdoor. It can measure soil moisture, light intensity and temperature so that you know the needs of your plants. It essentially gives your plant a voice. You can try one for indoor plants or a rainproof version for outdoor gardens.

koubachi wifi plant sensor

Wireless Body Scale

Reach your weight goals more easily with the help of the Withings Wireless Body Scale. You can track your weight and BMI in a matter of seconds. That data is then synced to your mobile device as easy-to-read graphs that you can take on go.

withings wireless body scale


Dubbed the doorbell for smartphones, the DoorBot allows you to not only see who is at the door, but also to communicate with them. This WiFi enabled device connects to your smartphone so that you can answer your door from anywhere in the world. It comes with Lockitron integration, which lets you lock or unlock your door remotely. Pair it with your phone, your spouse’s phone or your tablet. Consider investing in the Staples Connect Hub so you can monitor all your smart home gadgets with just one app. Staples Connect is developing partnerships with DoorBot, Withings and more.

doorbot smart home gadget


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