Brunch Cocktails & Mocktails for Easter


The Easter bunny’s not the only one who can bring treats to your Easter brunch celebration! How about some spring-hued, delicious cocktails to add to your brunch menu? We know that combining family, food and a delicious cocktail menu can prove a tad-bit stressful so we’re here to provide you with ideas to help your day run smoothly.

We’ve got a delish brunch cocktail to start things off — the Easter Lily — then you can pick and choose from the other (low in alcohol content) libations so you can celebrate in style. To help save time, many of these cocktails may be prepared the day before, so you can relax and enjoy the day with your guests.

We’ve even thrown in some amazing mock-tails for the little ones and those looking to skip the alcohol. Save on time and calories when you celebrate family with these Easter brunch cocktails.

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Brunch Cocktails for Adults

1. Easter Lily

Easter Lily

Lemon and lime juice plus Orange Flower Water mix together for the perfect spring treat. Instead of shaking your Easter Lily for 12 minutes, follow our brunch cocktail recipe for an easier solution! (Unless, of course, you want that 12-minute arm workout!) 

2. Platinum Sparkle

Platinum Sparkle

Source: Food & Wine

What celebration would be complete without a bubbly champagne cocktail to add that extra bit of fun? For your brunch, it is easy to premix the first four ingredients of this cocktail in a large batch and set aside in the fridge. When ready to serve your guests, fill a shaker with ice and 3 ounces of the mixture, shake, strain into a glass then top with the champagne. Magnificent!

3. Pamplemousse


Source: Food & Wine

Not only is this cocktail beautiful, the addition of elderflower brings a delicate, bright and spring-like note to your brunch menu. The hint of grapefruit juice and lemon make this refreshing and since it’s low in alcohol it’s also a great pick-me-up when your guests need it. Floating a basil leaf on top is so chic and on-trend.

4. Pineapple Greyhound

Pineapple Greyhound

Source: Williams-Sonoma

The classic cocktail known as a Greyhound combines vodka and grapefruit juice, but this cocktail takes it a step further for Easter and provides a unique brunch twist by stirring in fresh pineapple juice as well. After their first sip your guests will be hooked on this tropical yet snappy libation.

Brunch Mocktails for the Kids

For a truly relaxing brunch, these drinks are easy to set up ahead of time. You can let guests help themselves throughout the afternoon with these beautiful refreshments. Mint limeade and pink lemonade in glass containers are identified with computer-printed labels, attached to ribbon with double-sided tape. Everyone will want to give these a try!

1. Pink Lemonade & Mint Limeade

Pink Mint Mocktails

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

This refreshing recipe for pink lemonade is the perfect drink to serve at any summertime celebration.

2. Virgin Sangria

Virgin Sangria

Source: A Sweet Pea Chef

Instead of using wine to make a traditional sangria, opt for a variety of juices (like grapes, apples, oranges) and a few cups of sparkling mineral water or club soda to jazz it up for the kiddos.

3. Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

Source: HGTV

This no-booze spin uses ruby and pink grapefruits, mint leaves and honey (or agave syrup). It’s all about the presentation and garnish to make this look like the real deal without the added alcohol.

Find more cocktail recipes to enjoy with friends and family in the slideshow below!