Get the Kids Out of Bed with these Breakfast Sundaes


Breakfast Sundaes Title

Summer break is officially here! Mornings are less hectic and we actually have some time to eat breakfast as a family. As a fun summer treat, I like to create a breakfast station so the kids can make their own Breakfast Sundaes. Everyone gets to customize their bowl and be as creative as they want! All you need are waffle cups, your favorite yogurt, and an assortment of toppings and cereals. Breakfast Sundaes are definitely a fun and easy idea for weekends or slumber parties!

Try it out and leave us a comment with your favorite combo!

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Breakfast Sundaes Recipe


  • Vanilla yogurt

  • Ice cream waffle cups

  • Toppings: cereal, fresh fruit, chocolate syrup, sprinkles

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Spoon a generous amount of vanilla yogurt into each waffle cup. Top with Cocoa Puffs, chocolate syrup and sliced bananas. Create a magical, rainbow treat with Fruit Loops and rainbow sprinkles or go simple with just fresh fruit! There are no rules here so mix and match as you wish and enjoy!