Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review

Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review | thegoodstuff

As a busy mom, I’m always pressed for time when it comes to cooking dinner.

In an effort to make dinner time quick and easy, I ordered a Blue Apron box and put it to the test. Here’s what happened!

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The Ordering Process

The website is very simple to use, both for initial signup and for managing an ongoing subscription.

The recipes are all posted on the website with full color pictures which gives you everything you need to know about your order in terms of prep time and dietary considerations.

Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review | thegoodstuff

Blue Apron Recipes: Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon with Brown Rice, Bell Pepper and Cucumber

Shipping Cost

Shipping is always free!

Delivery Time

You can choose your regular delivery day, but you need to have the food ordered by the end of the previous week, so plan ahead for special occasions.

Meal Variety

I chose from four menu items for my two-meal box. There is always at least one option each for chicken, seafood, and vegetarian meals.

Special Diet Options

You can order a vegetarian meal box where all of the meal choices are meat-free.

For other dietary considerations, you’ll need to read the recipes before you order to make sure they fit your requirements.

Ingredients & Packaging

What Came in My Blue Apron Order

I ordered the family plan, which is priced from $8.74 per meal and serves four people. You can also order a two-person plan at a cost of $9.99 per meal. There’s a minimum order of two meals per week.

A large box was delivered to my doorstep right on time. However, when I opened the box I found that the salmon package had burst open. I called customer service, and they immediately sent out a new box and refunded me the full cost for that week!

The new box arrived with all the ingredients intact. The food items for each meal are all mixed together in a single box, aside from the condiments, which are separated and labeled.

I would recommend placing the ingredients for each meal together in one place in your fridge so that you have everything you need in one place.

Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review | thegoodstuff

All the ingredients are pre-measured and ready to use.

Ingredient Quality

I was really impressed with the ingredient quality. All the produce arrived looking beautiful and fresh.

I also appreciated the little touches, like sending wild salmon instead of farmed and fresh artisan basil pasta instead of a box of dry pasta.

All ingredients come whole and unwashed, which means it’s up to you to do all of the cleaning and chopping.

Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review | thegoodstuff

The artisan pasta was a nice touch that made the meal really special.

Recipe Difficulty & Taste

How Easy Was it to Make My Blue Apron Meals?

Each box comes with recipe cards for your selected meals. The recipe cards are very easy to follow, and there are photos to guide you each step along the way.

The meals were quick and easy to put together and didn’t require any complicated preparations.

How it Tasted

The food was fabulous, it tasted like something I’d order at a restaurant. The flavor combinations married beautifully and I’m already planning to make the salmon dish I ordered again this week! The portions were nicely sized.

Gourmet Food in a Flash: A Blue Apron Review | thegoodstuff

Blue Apron Recipes: Chicken & Cherry Tomato Bolognese with Fresh Basil Fettuccine & Mascarpone Cheese

My Family’s Reaction

The whole family loved both meals I made. The chicken pasta was an especially big hit, the adults enjoyed the flavor combination and the kids devoured the yummy noodles.

Would I Order Blue Apron Again?

I would order from Blue Apron again! The food quality was excellent and the meals were simple to put together.

The price was reasonable too, especially considering it tasted like restaurant-quality food, but at a much lower cost than actually eating out. I appreciated that the meals featured a lot of fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Blue Apron is a great choice for anyone that appreciates gourmet food, but doesn’t want to spend the time or money to eat out on a regular basis. I’m looking forward to my next order!


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