Shopping Secrets: Is Your Black Friday Deal a Steal or a Dud?

Shopping Secrets: Are Your Black Friday Deals a Steal or a Dud? |thegoodstuff

There’s no shortage of alleged deals on Black Friday, but how do you know if your deal is extra special? Here are some tips and percentages to consider as you shop across the Black Friday’s most popular categories.

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Black Friday Clothing Deals

Look for savings of at least 50% off. Some stores will discount as much as 80% off though so if you want to score the very best of deals look for savings in that arena.

  • Combine sale prices with coupons to maximize your savings. Read the fine print. Some coupons aren’t eligible on clearance merchandise but if you can combine the two you stand to land to some major savings.
  • Simplify shopping by looking for sitewide sales. Sitewide sales tend to take a lower percentage off. Some as low as 15% off but it’s possible to find many 40% sitewide.
    Wait till Cyber Monday to find even better deals on shoes. If you can’t find the shoes you want for at least 50-60% off, wait it out and see what Cyber Monday brings.

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Black Friday Electronics Deals

Electronics discounts will range dramatically depending on an item’s popularity and how new the technology is.

  • With electronics, the lowest deal is not always the best deal. You may be able to buy a laptop for $150, but if you use it daily for work, you’re probably going to want something with a higher performance.
  • Similarly, there will be tablets for less than $50 but iPad discounts will be a much smaller percentage off. New models like the iPad Pro may not be discounted at all, but will come with an incentive like a free store gift card.
  • Know the true list price on electronics. Check the manufacturer’s site to determine what the original price actually is rather than rely on what a retailer tells you. That will determine the true percentage discount you’re getting.
  • You can find small screen TVs for under $100 and 60” TVs for under $600 but know what you’re getting. There will be some incredibly low-priced TVs of all sizes but they may be an unfamiliar brand, have a low resolution, or come without many features. You may get a better value when you shop at a higher price point.
  • Unbundle the bundle to determine if it’s a good deal. Bundles have the potential to add value to your purchase but not if you won’t use the bundled items. Decide which items in the bundle you actually want and determine what the cost would be if you bought them individually.

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Black Friday Large Appliances Deals

Last year’s Black Friday sales saw discounts of up to 40% on large appliances like washing machines and refrigerators. If you’re planning to shop for an appliance on this weekend, look for savings of at least 25% with perks like free delivery and haul-away of your old appliance.

  • Don’t wait, shop now. Large appliance sales have already started at some retailers like Home Depot. This is one purchase that often requires specialized attention from the sales staff. Shop earlier in the month to get individualized attention and a great deal.
  • Think beyond the basic stores.

Black Friday Toys

Toys can be hit or miss on Black Friday. There will be some doorbuster deals for 50% off or more, but on average, deals will hover in the 30-35% off range. The must-have toys of the season likely won’t see a big discount.

  • The most sought after items often sell out, so if you can’t find a deal on Black Friday, it may not be coming at all. Your best bet is to buy it now and hold onto that receipt in case you can find it for less. Even if a store suspends their price match or price adjustment policy for Black Friday weekend, you can still return the toy and buy it elsewhere for a lower price.
  • Toy deals will return during the two weeks leading up to Christmas. Individual deals may be better on Black Friday but you can usually find a larger volume of deals mid-December.
  • It’s tough to find a discount on newly released video games. Your best bet is to purchase them bundled with a gaming system. Just be sure to unbundle the bundle and find out what you’re really paying for each game and if they are all games you actually want.

Black Friday Small Home Appliances

Look for savings around 40-50% off. It’s possible to get appliances like toasters for around $10.

  • The top-of-the-line stand mixer won’t see as big of a discount as the off-brand waffle maker. It’s all about shopping at the right store though. For example, last year many stores offered the stand mixer for a sale price of $199.99 but if you shopped at Kohl’s you could take advantage of Kohl’s Cash and a rebate, driving down the price even more.
  • Don’t forget to check selection at warehouse clubs. Cooking items are hot this time of year so they may stock a larger selection of appliances and cookware than they typically carry.
  • Look for big savings on novelty appliances — the hot dog toaster, the snow cone maker, and the kettle corn popper. These appliances you never knew you needed make great gifts and will be discounted accordingly.

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