Beyond the Burger: New Ideas for the Grill


A juicy burger, a thick steak, buttery corn on the cob—these barbecue basics will never go out of style. But the grill is actually suited for much more than just meat and the occasional veggie. Get creative with these delicious barbecuing ideas.

  • Have you ever considered firing up the grill for breakfast? Whip up your favorite French toast recipe and cook it on the grill. Heartier breads like a baguette may hold up better. While you’re at it, crisp up bacon and potatoes for a smoky twist on your favorite morning sides.
  • When we think grilled vegetables, we think corn, asparagus and bell peppers, but lettuce is also a surprisingly good candidate. Cut heads of romaine in half lengthwise, brush with olive oil, and grill to add a little charred flavor to your next Caesar salad.
  • If you’ve never roasted or grilled a garlic head, you’re missing out. Take an entire head of garlic and slice off the pointed end, exposing all of the individual cloves. Toss with olive oil, season and then grill in a foil packet. Eat with veggies, meat or even by itself.
  • If you love a crisp crust, then you’ll love a pizza made on the barbecue. Form premade pizza dough into a crust, coat with olive oil and crisp it up. Then add your favorite toppings and put it back on the grill till the cheese is melted.
  • Fruit can be a great option for grilling, whether it’s for dessert or a main course accompaniment. Grill watermelon and toss with balsamic and cheese for a summer salad, or toss peaches with brown sugar and vanilla extract to grill up a tasty dessert.
  • Grill slices of an already baked cake like angel food or pound cake just long enough to get char marks, about a minute on each side. Serve with grilled fruit and whipped cream for a summery, simple dessert.

Final tip: Some hard cheeses like provolone or halloumi will char up on the grill without getting too melted. Serve warm with a baguette and fruit preserves.