The 7 Best Things to Buy in August

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

You’re probably in the middle of all your crazy back to school shopping and laser-focused on getting the best deals on binders, pencils, and new shoes for your kiddos. We feel you — the stores are bursting with back to school this and back to school that!

Psst! Did you know some states even offer tax-free weekends where you don’t have to pay sales tax on certain back to school items? Check our list of tax-free weekends to find out when your state’s weekend of savings is!

But sometimes, when you finally have a chance to catch your breath in between all that bargain hunting, you realize summer isn’t over just yet. Yup, August is just getting started, and all things school-related aside, this month has some pretty amazing deals in all those end-of-summer sales!

Keep the savings pouring in by following our year-long best things to buy guide! Bookmark it and save it for later so you’ll always be in the know about when to buy and save!

1. Outdoor toys for kids

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

Don’t worry, it’ll be a while before winter weather sends us all inside. Give your kids a reason to enjoy the fresh air with fun outdoor toys like slides, sandboxes, water toys, and more. If you’re still a little hesitant to drop some money on outdoor toys, keep an eye out for trampolines and playsets on clearance.

Kids and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your child needs a bigger bike or is just getting started with training wheels, Kmart has several featured bikes that are 20% or more off. (Exp. 8/6)

2. Summer-scented anything

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

Is it any surprise that stores are already rolling out pumpkin spice candles and apple-scented body wash? You can still relive the smells of summer with sales on warm weather scents like Waikiki Beach Coconut lotion or Watermelon Lemonade wallflowers scents with a 50% off sale at Bath & Body Works. (Exp. 12/31)

3. Keep cool essentials

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

Sure, the stores are ready to declare summer over, but we know that hot weather will continue straight through August. But this makes a perfect opportunity for you to add a new ceiling fan or A/C unit to your home at a bargain price. Check home improvement stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Lamps Plus for sales on all things cool (literally!).

4. Swimwear & beach swag

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

You may have noticed that swimwear markdowns started last month, but now the stores are really working to get those swimsuits and beach towels off the floor. Kohl’s is offering 50-60% off all women’s swimwear, so grab that bikini or beach cover up and rock it all the way to August 31! (Exp. 8/02)

5. SPF beauty products

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

You probably already know that you should protect your skin 365 days a year, so beauty products with an SPF rating may not seem like a summer-only buy. Even so, many stores are offering sales on basic sunscreen along with moisturizers, face powders, and lip balm with an SPF rating. Take advantage of these great deals now for a fresh, glowing face all year long!

Find the right moisturizer or face powder for you and save $3.50 off a $15+ purchase at Ulta. (Exp. 8/6)

6. Last-minute vacations

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

Did you miss out on a summer getaway? Maybe not! If you travel after August 15, you might be able to save a lot of money. August 15 is a magical, money-saving date because this is when travel season goes from peak to off-peak. (OK, maybe it’s not magical, but it’s definitely money-saving!) Even if you book through discount travel sites like Kayak and Travelocity, it can really pay off to check for coupon codes and specials.

If you’re all about touring the world while enjoying the luxury of a cruise ship, you should check out Travelocity’s last-minute cruise offers that start at $99! (Exp. 9/30)

7. Totally tomatoes

The 7 Best Things to Buy in August | thegoodstuff

All those tasty tomatoes are finally ripening on the vine, so August is the peak season for tomatoes. This means you’ll find low prices and a lot more variety on these healthy veggies (or are they fruits?!). If you’re a home gardener expecting your own crop of tomatoes soon, be on the lookout for sales on canning supplies. Now you can gift those extra tomatoes to friends and family!

If you’ve got tomatoes coming out of your ears, these 13 easy no-bake tomato recipes are another great way to transform your garden produce into amazing, delicious meals!


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