The Best Tax Tips & Sales 2017

Best Tax Deductions & Other Tax Tips | thegoodstuff

Somehow every year most of us get surprised by taxes. We’re rolling through the New Year, on a happy high from the holidays, and then it hits us!

Maybe it’s an ad for TurboTax, or maybe it’s a statement from our bank that arrives in the mail. Whatever way the reminder comes, more than likely it’s followed soon after by a feeling of frustration and annoyance.

It’s no secret that filing taxes can be a real confusing pain. Just what are those best tax deductions to use, anyway? And what’s the best way to file taxes?

If you find yourself asking these questions every year, you’re not alone. (We’re right there with you!) To make things easier on us all this tax season, here are our best tax tips for write-offs, how to spend or save your refunds, and how to file taxes!

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The Best Way to File Taxes

Tax software, a tax prep company, or a plain old form 1040EZ. Which way is the best way to file taxes?

Well, long story short it will depend on your individual circumstances. Most of us with oddball items like owning a home, having a personal business, or a freelance gig on the side might need some extra help sorting through all the rules, jargon, and additional forms. Tax software makes it easy to navigate the extra work you’ll need to put into your tax return to account for these types of items.

If you’re not sure what you need, it may be best to have a tax preparation company help. That way you know your taxes are in professional hands, and you’ll be getting the most out of your tax return.

The good news is, no matter which way you file you can find mega discounts and deals on all things taxes this time of year! Check them out below:

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Tax Tips for Your Peace of Mind

The Best Way to File Taxes & Other Tax Tips | thegoodstuff

Don’t stress over the small stuff. And don’t stress over your taxes, either! These tips will help you avoid scams, keep your tax records organized, and keep your stress levels minimized while adding up your refund.

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Tax Deductions & Write Offs

Best Tax Write Offs & Other Tax Tips | thegoodstuff

Make sure you get the most out of your refund with these tips for the best tax deductions and tax write-offs. You never know when itemizing might get you a bigger refund!

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What To Do With Your Refund

The Best Tax Deductions & Other Tax Tips | thegoodstuff

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Okay, you’ve filed your taxes, and now your refund check is stashed safely in your bank account. What’s next?

Now you get to make some difficult decisions about how to spend or save your money! Sooo difficult, right? Well, there are actually some ways to spend or save your tax refund that might be better in the long run.

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