Good Things in Small Packages: Best Stocking Stuffers


Great things come in small packages—especially when they’re small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking. Here are some fun and affordable ideas for filling your loved ones’ stockings this Christmas Eve.

Get ready to knock their socks off (ba-dum-ch).

Best Stocking Stuffers

For younger children:

Anything Shopkins


This toy trend keeps on keeping on with the under-10 crowd, and size-wise, a small Shopkins gift can make the perfect stocking stuffer. If you have an artist in the family, great news: Here’s a coupon for a free Shopkins 8-count Crayola pack (with purchase) at Toys R Us.

Bath and pool toys


For your toddler, nothing makes bath time more fun than toys that float and squirt. These Sassy Bathtime Pals are adorable and sized for little hands, plus they’re less than $10. Add these Crayola Bathtub Crayons to prolong bath time even longer.

Screaming Superfly Stuffed Slingshot Sock Monkey


This needs no explanation, really. It’s cute, silly, soft and only $4.99. Your kids will love it, and if they don’t, you probably will. It’s a win either way.

For teen/adult children:

Personal care items


Razors, lotion and toothpaste may not be fun and festive, but they’re necessary. Why not help a girl or guy out with their hygiene habits and give them what they really need? Check out these coupons to save on some of today’s top brands.

Fast food, gas and retailer gift cards

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.19.16 PM

Every kids loves them, one size fits all, and they slip nicely into a stocking—plus, you’re probably the one who’s regularly funding their weekend activities and shopping habits anyway. If you’re savvy, you can scoop up a few that will actually cost you less than their value here.

Portable phone charger


This way they can never use the excuse their phone ran out of battery. Shop the Powerstick store for a variety of styles and colors.

For your significant other:

A magazine subscription


Because sometimes it’s nice to feel crisp pages of paper on your fingers as opposed to a keyboard and mouse. Print is not dead. Save on one of his or her favorite subscriptions here.

A massage


You can knead out his knots if you’re good at the sort of thing, or you can leave it to the professionals. Save on spa gift cards and give the gift of relaxation.

Anything Star Wars


That is, if your partner is a fan. Star Wars swag is all the rage right now for everyone who’s geeking out about the new installment in the series, so you won’t have a hard time finding something cool (read: nerdy) to put in his or her stocking. Here’s an R2 D2 measuring cup set that will set a Star Wars fan over the edge if he also happens to be a foodie—and it’s half price.

For your pet:



Duh, right? I know I’m stating the obvious. But did you know that you can save a bunch on all kinds of treats with these coupons? Choose from Purina, Waggin’ Train, Milo’s Kitchen and more. You’re welcome.

A customized pet tag or collar


At, you can find a wide selection of customized tags, collars, pet leads and more for your furry friends—and when you sign up for’s emails, you’ll save on your purchase. Check out this deal plus a bunch more from other pet retailers here.

A Kong


If your pup doesn’t have a classic Kong toy, it’s time to step up and get one—he’ll love it and so will you because it’s one of those toys that can keep a dog busy longer than you’d expect. They’re great for stuffing with treats or peanut butter, playing unpredictable games of fetch, and general chewing. Plus, they’re available in six sizes and on sale here.


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