Best Long Weekend Trips with Kids

Best Long Weekend Trips with Kids | thegoodstuff

Travel with kids can be expensive and complicated, but a great way to teach children to love new adventures is to take small, more frequent trips. Short hotel stays can be easy to book at the last minute, especially if you use a booking site like, which can help you find discount rates on the best hotel your budget will allow. But, where to go? Find a kid-friendly destination and your trip is sure to be a source of lasting memories for your whole family.

Take a trip to San Diego

With great activities for families and beautiful beaches, your long weekend away can be as packed as you want it to be. Head to the New Children’s Museum to check out the newest exhibits. Admission is only $1 the second Sunday of every month. For some outdoor fun in the sun, head over the bridge to Coronado’s seven miles of beaches. Central Beach has restrooms, lifeguards, and is just a short walk to ice cream shops and restaurants!  Check Coupons & Promo Codes to find great deals on hotels near the beach or in the city’s center.

Head to Washington, D.C.

There is something for everyone in our nation’s capital. Monuments, history, museums, and great restaurants are just some of the reasons to visit Washington, D.C. Even with affordable public transportation, be prepared to do lots of walking — probably best for families with older children. The Smithsonian National Zoo and Museums with free admission every day except December 25 (closed) you can get a lot of entertainment and educational value out of this city.

Consider Colorado Springs

Even if you’re nowhere near Colorado, Denver is an extremely affordable city to fly in to. About an hour away from Denver, Colorado Springs is full of reasons to visit. Natural wonders abound, including Pikes Peak and Red Rock Canyon. Visit the nature center at the the Garden of the Gods (free admission to the park and visitor center) — a perfect destination for outdoorsy families. It’s no wonder that Katherine Lee Bates wrote the words to the famous anthem “America the Beautiful” in Colorado Springs.

Pack up the car, bring the kids, and get ready to have fun with your family! Take advantage of lodging discounts on and be sure to do some research about discounts in the city you’re headed to. With some creative planning, frequent travel can be within your reach!


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We are planning a trip for our little boy’s birthday soon. Last year we did an escape room experience with escape room rank. Finding creative birthday party ideas that give our children experiences rather than just more toys is a passion of mine. I never would have thought of San Diego, but it’s a great idea so thank you for sharing that.

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