Best Christmas Gifts Under $100

Best Christmas Gifts Under $100 | thegoodstuff

If you’re in a generous mood this holiday season, then you’ll definitely want to check out this list of amazing gift ideas available for under $100. When you’re shopping in this price range, you’re typically on the hunt for a gift for someone you truly care about. The trick is to find an item that shows just how well you know they’ll love it.

Discover great ideas for all the members of your family and even your best friends with our ultimate 2015 holiday gift guide!

Where to start?

Before you splurge, make sure you’re not duplicating gifts! Check with other friends and family members to ensure your gift idea is as unique as you think it is. The same goes with your giftee – check to see if what you have in mind is really something they need. And no matter what, check the return policy of wherever you’re shopping – although chances are with any of these gift ideas, your giftee will love what you’ve picked out.

If $100 is a bit steep, don’t despair! Ask a friend or family member if they’re willing to split the cost with you. Or approach your family and consider upping the budget by only shopping for one person in a random Secret Santa-style swap. You’ll avoid double-gifting and have way less stress when shopping this season.

UPDATE: This week’s best buys and great gift ideas under $100

Where to shop?

With very few exceptions, you can get some fantastic gifts for under $100. Try fun retailers like ModCloth or Anthropologie for pretty party wear and accessories. Major retailers like Best Buy and the Apple store are your source for the season’s hottest tech gifts. Plus, don’t forget about department stores like Macy’s and Sears for fantastic present ideas for the whole family.

Top Christmas Gifts Under $100

Hint: Click on the store name for coupon codes and great savings! 

1. Glam of Action Jacket
ModCloth, $59.99


Available in both black and rose gold, this shimmery, sparkly jacket is a glam accent for a night on the town. The drapey cut makes it easy to fit, while the stunning sequins will dazzle anyone in sight. It’s the perfect statement piece for New Year’s Eve and beyond!

2. West Bend Professional Snowball Machine
Williams Sonoma, $79.95


Treat the whole family to one of these old timey frozen treats. Transforming ice cubes into fluffy shavings in a mere 30 seconds, this scrumptious gift idea can be sweetened with a range of delicious syrups and flavorings.

3. Ultimate Survival Kit
Amazon, $99.50


Whether you’re shopping for an outdoor adventurer or simply an avid road tripper, this handy, compact survival kit is truly designed to save a life. Housed in a weather-resistant foot-long tube, this amazing lightweight package of survival goods contains a flashlight, compass, candle, razor blade, water purification tablets, a range of gadgets and tools, first aid supplies and much, much more.

4. Apple Pencil, $99


The world was abuzz this fall when the Apple Pencil – the first official stylus from the brand – was announced. But this sleek gadget does more than allow you to doodle. When paired with the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil makes it easy to mark up proofs, sketch out ideas, jot down quick notes, or get extra creative with your design concepts.

5. Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
Sephora, $54


Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palettes are always a hot commodity, and their latest offering, which focuses on the perfect range of shadows to create a variety of smoky eye looks, is no exception. Already named one of Allure’s top beauty products of 2015, this lineup of 12 shadows contains 9 brand new shades and 3 popular swatches from past palettes. A must-have for beauty mavens.

6. kate spade new york Pearl Place Vases
Macy’s, $75 each


Add a touch of whimsical class to your home décor with one of Kate Spade’s new home items. These glass vases come in two different styles and feature the brand’s signature metallic polka dot print. Pair it with a gift card for some fresh flowers for a truly standout gift.

7. Playmation Starter Pack
Toys R Us, $99


Now your kids can join forces with Marvel’s Avengers with this unique play set that combines physical activity, storytelling, and a whole lot of action. Strap on the included motion-sensing accessories and conduct missions as one of the Avengers, battling their way through to save the world.

8. Ruby & Ed Mulberry Whiskers Ballerina Slipper
Fig Leaves, $63


Experience cuteness overload with this ultra snuggly, ultra adorable pair of slippers. Made from plush faux fur, these ballerina-style slippers come in a rich purple hue and feature a sweet cat design with metallic leather whiskers and a faux jeweled nose. Opulent and snuggly all at once – what more could a girl ask for?

9. Misfit Shine 2
Misfit, $99.99


Already billed as one of the sleekest activity trackers on the market, the Misfit 2 promises to deliver even more insights in a thinner and stronger package. The feature list is long – this wearable gadget is water resistant, requires no charging and can be activated to alert you to calls and texts on your phone. Did we mention it also looks great?

 Don’t forget, the best way to gift with style and save money is to always check for a coupon code before shopping! 


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