Finance and Budgeting Apps That Help You Save Money


As more of us bring our financial lives online, personal budgeting apps have become some of the most valuable tools on our smart phone. These apps make it possible to track spending, set financial goals and manage our money on the go. Here are 10 apps that will streamline your financial life.



Track your spending, view all your account in one place and easily assess budgeting goals. They also have features to protect your cards from fraud and unwanted charges and you’ll be notified instantly if anything is amiss.

Mint Bills

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This app makes it possible to manage bills from one place. Get alerts when bills are due or funds are low so you don’t have to worry about overdraft or late fees. Then pay all your bills right from the app’s interface.

Mint Personal Finance

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This all encompassing personal finance apps keeps all your accounts and investments in one place so you can track spending and stick to a budget. Colorful charts and graphs make it easy to see where you’re spending money.

Personal Capital Money and Investing

Personal Capital Money and InvestingSource:

If your financial portfolio has an emphasis on investing then this may be the personal finance app for you. Like the others you can track your income, spending and see all your accounts in one place, but there’s also additional tools for tracking investments.



Easily glance at your budget and see how much you’ve got left to spend. You can also access stats like your average spending per month across different categories, making it easy to put your spending into perspective.

Credit Karma

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It’s so important to check your credit reports regularly and with the Credit Karma app, you’ll have it at your fingertips.  Get daily monitoring of your TransUnion credit report. Plus, a weekly update on your credit score.



Turn your spare change into an investment. This app rounds up your purchases and invests the money into a diversified portfolio. The app is free to download but once you start investing, you’ll pay $1 per month.

Plates by Splitwise

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Splitting the check has never been easier with the Plates app. Enter the number of diners, what each person ordered, and designate shared items. Plates will automatically calculate the tab for each (including tip).



This simplifies IOUs. Easily pay back or charge friends for money owed. Great for roommate splitting utilities, friend sharing a hotel room or splitting that Mother’s Day gift with your brother.

coupons appSource:

It should come as no surprise that we are a big fan of this app! Use the nearby tab to find offers that are close by. Pull up coupons on your phone at checkout to save instantly on everything from clothing to burgers, vitamins to appliances.


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