Beat the Tax Clock with H&R Block


So… remember how you promised yourself you’d file your taxes way before Tax Day this year?  Well, we hate to say it, buuuut that’s basically now, and if you’re like us, the hardest part is just sitting down and getting started.

Do yourself a HUGE favor this year and check out They are all about customizing your filing experience to provide as much (or as little) of their expert guidance as makes you comfortable, and saving you money in the process!

Right now, they’re offering up to $35 off their online tax preparation products, so with Tax Day right around the corner, there’s never been a better moment to cross this off your to-do list with H&R Block.


Get Up To $35 Off H&R Block’s Online Tax Preparation


(Finally) Getting Started

Before you start daydreaming about that sweet refund, make sure you’re up to date on the current guidelines for determining deductions, dependents and more – you may be eligible for more of a windfall than you thought!  You can visit Tax Topics or consult with any of H&R Block’s 10,000+ tax professionals to get up to speed.

If all this newfound knowledge gets you too pumped to wait another minute for a final tally, hop over to the Tax Calculator tool to quickly estimate your 2017 total.

Once you’ve got a general idea of your tax situation and you’re ready to make it happen, the last step is to make sure you’ve got all your ID, forms and paperwork in order with the fully-customizable Tax Prep Checklist.

Filing Those Taxes!

Let’s do this!  While you’re always welcome to leave it to the experts with H&R Block Tax Pro Go or an in-office appointment, you can also choose from a variety of different online filing methods, from ultra-basic file-and-go setups to sophisticated options designed to seamlessly import information from tracking apps like Stride Tax.

  • H&R Block More Zero: Including Snap-a-Pic W2 import, Refund Reveal™ and chat technical support, you’re looking at $0 Federal and $0 per state filed. Yep, that’s free online tax filing!

Recommended by H&R Block for “new filers, simple tax returns and homeowners”

  • Deluxe Online Tax Filing: For $49.99 Federal and $39.99 per state filed, you get all the features of More Zero plus access to six years of previous tax returns, DeductionPro®, unlimited tax advice chat support and more.

Recommended by H&R Block for “getting the most deductions” (!)

  • Premium Online Tax Filing: Upgrade to Premium in order to import your expenses from some of the most popular tracking apps in addition to accessing all the Deluxe-level features for $69.99 Federal and $39.99 per state filed.

Recommended by H&R Block for “freelancers/contractors, investors and rental property owners”

  • Self-Employed Online Tax Filing: For the entrepreneurs among you, try Self-Employed ($94.99 for Federal and $39.99 per state filed) for the features of Premium plus Business Booster™ to determine how best to leverage your startup costs for maximum returns.

Recommended by H&R Block for “self-employed and small business owners”

Playing the Waiting Game

Hey, you did it!  How good does that feel?!  Well done.  And now that you know the end results, don’t forget that you can check your refund status online anytime rather than watching the clock (or the calendar).

See you again next year!