Spring Break Packing Guide: Beach Getaway


You planned your Spring Break trip for weeks. You researched beach destinations and found the perfect, sunny haven. You booked your flight and now you can’t wait to pack your bags and take off.

But first — what should you pack?

Whether you’re going to Miami, Cancun, San Juan, or the beach a couple miles away — there are a few style essentials that you must take with you. Here is our Spring Break packing guide to help you make the most of your beach getaway.

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Basic White Shirt

basic white shirtSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Although it may not look so stylish, a basic white shirt is a staple for any beach getaway. You can pair it with shorts during the day or with your jeans and a jacket to go out a night.

Three Bathing Suits

swim suitSource: oldnavy.gap.com

You’re going to a beach locale, so you’ll definitely need to pack bathing suits when you travel. But I suggest that you take at least three different styles in your suitcase so you can be versatile. Try packing a tankini for the swim-up bar, a one piece for casual days lounging, and a bikini for the water.


cover upsSource:  1 | 2 | 3

When you need to grab a delicious lunch at one of the resort’s restaurants or you’d rather take in some beach side shopping instead of baking in the sun, you absolutely need a cover-up. There are several styles you can choose from: wrap around skirt; sun dress style; maxi tube; dress shirt or romper.

Maxi Dress

maxi dressSource: oldnavy.gap.com

A maxi dress is equal parts flirty and casual, which makes it an effortless beach getaway style! Be sure to pick one that has thin material so it won’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Denim Shorts

shortsSource: oldnavy.gap.com

This is a no brainer. You just can’t go to the beach without having a pair of denim shorts. If you own a pair of distressed ones, the better! Your denim shorts will go a long way while on vacation. You can wear it with your bandeau top, white t-shirt, or neon tank.

Denim Jacket

jacketSource: oldnavy.gap.com

At first you might think — denim jacket at the beach? But we all know that even beach destinations can get a little chilly at night. So be prepared for a slight dip in temperature by traveling with a jacket. Choose a denim jacket or a black canvas zip or button-down jacket that you can also wear for a night on the town.

Dark Wash Jeans

denim jeansSource: 1 | 2

For a spring break travel guide that is predominantly beach-based, you can still find use in dark wash denim. Even if you’re not wearing them often, it’s good to have a dark pair you can wear day or night whenever something random comes up. Or maybe you just want a break from showing your legs. Either way, be sure to pair the jeans with a light top (like a basic white shirt as suggested earlier) for easy packing.

Skater Skirt

skater skirtSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Not only are skater skirts adorable but they are super fun to wear on a getaway. If you want something that’s more versatile, pick a plain black or white skater skirt so you can mix and match it with your shirt or tank tops.

Night Out Dress

night out dressSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Because you may never know what might come up — whether you decide to go to a classy bar outside the resort or have a nice dinner at an elegant restaurant nearby — you need to have at least one dressy outfit for any impromptu evening occasion.

Tank Tops

tank topsSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Tank tops are comfortable, breezy and will match everything else that you packed. Bring some in black, white and one bright color to pair with your shorts, denim jeans, and skater skirt.

Wide-Brim Floppy Hat

floppy hatSource: target.com

Your beach getaway look isn’t complete without a wide-brim hat. You can wear it while chilling under the umbrella and sipping your margarita or while shopping for souvenirs. Be sure to buy one that folds or that won’t lose its form when you pack it in your suitcase.

Inexpensive Sunglasses

sunglassesSource: target.com

Who goes on a beach getaway without a pair of sunglasses anyway? Although you might have a favorite pair of expensive, designer sunnies, bringing it with you on your Spring Break travel might not be the best idea. To avoid the risk of losing them, grab a pair or two of inexpensive ones from Target. It won’t break the bank or your heart if you happen to misplace them while you’re out having fun.

Flip Flops

flip flopsSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Like shorts, sunglasses and a swimsuit, flip flops are a no-brainer on a beach vacation. Pack a couple in various colors so you can easily switch up a look without much hassle.


sandalsSource: oldnavy.gap.com

You’re probably thinking — but didn’t you already include flip flops? Yes, but flip flops are not sandals. Sandals offer a bit more style and come in a lot of variations, which makes them perfect for airport travel and day-to-night wear.


slip onsSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Sometimes you want shoes that are more comfortable than sandals but not too restricting. Give your toes a rest and relax in a pair of slip-on espadrilles for a carefree look.


wedgesSource: oldnavy.gap.com

Make sure to bring a pair of nice wedges to match your maxi dress or denim jeans. You can always choose to wear your espadrilles instead (which also take up less space in your suitcase), but if you have the room, bring the wedges! They are a better bet than regular heels as you won’t have to worry about getting the heel stuck on cobblestone roads.

Tote Bag

tote bagSource: oldnavy.gap.com

When you want to have all your beach essentials in one place, you need a good tote bag. This is quite beneficial for carrying along your SPF, room key, sunglasses and reading material.


wristletSource: target.com

Your wristlet will come in handy for your compact powder, lipstick, credit card, ID, and phone any time you want to travel light. You can even convert it to a clutch for a night on the town.