Where Are Your Donations and Pink Dollars Going?


This May, Coupons.com is donating 10% of your transaction to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation when you use a qualifying offer. It means you get to take advantage of great offers at stores you already love and know that a portion of your purchase price is truly going to do some good.

Each year, more and more pink products flood shelves. And while breast cancer research is undoubtedly a worthwhile cause to support, you should always do a little research before buying pink. Make sure your good intentions do some real good by asking yourself these questions before donating money or buying a product that supports breast cancer or any cause dear to your heart.

Where is the money going?

Make sure you know what organization the money is going to, not just the cause. “Breast Cancer” is a cause and there are numerous organizations that support it. When you give to breast cancer, you’re typically giving to a specific organization and you should always know what that organization is.

Is the organization legit?

If you’re not already familiar with the organization, you’ll want to do a little vetting. Sites like GuideStar or the National Center for Charitable Statistics keep a database of information on charities. You can also check out rating sites like BBB Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator or GiveWell.

How does a company divvy up donations?

When vetting, look for what percentage of donations actually goes to the cause versus what is put towards operations. Inevitably, a portion of donations has to go to things like administrative and fundraising expenses but it should be minor. Ninety-one percent of donations to BCRF go directly to their programs and services – that’s a percentage you can be happy with!

How much of the money goes to the cause?

Now you know what they do with your donation, next find out how much of your purchase price will actually be donated. Most importantly, don’t assume just because an item is pink that a portion of your purchase is going to charity. Bottom line, look for the fine print and read it.

What will the company do with money?

Find out how these programs help the cause. When you donate money to BCRF through the Coupons.com partnership, you know your money will go directly towards research that will work to prevent and cure breast cancer.

What’s the cap, and has it been reached?

It’s pretty common for a company to cap a donation at a certain amount. So they might donate 20% of profits on a product up to $20,000. That means once they’ve donated that $20,000, your purchase isn’t going to do anything to help breast cancer.

For a complete list of eligible offers that donate 10% of your transaction to BCRF, visit Coupons.com.