8 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Clothes Shopping

7 Ways to Save Money on Back to School Clothes Shopping | thegoodstuff

Have you ever heard the expression that children “grow like weeds?” If you’ve shopped for little ones then you’ll know how true it is — brand new shoes may no longer fit within weeks, too-long jeans can become flood pants by the end of a school term, and, of course, there’s the wear and tear kids’ clothing goes through.

This makes back to school clothes shopping all the more stressful — and possibly expensive. So how do you save money on your back to school clothes? Here are some tried and true tips, best buys, and ideal retailers to keep your kids outfitted and in style, no matter how quickly they seem to grow.

Get a jump start on saving money on this school year’s essentials with our list of 20+ back to school sales 2016!

1. This year, get a jump on next year


While it’s true your child may shoot up in height or size, you should hopefully be able to estimate how big they’ll be at the same time next year. If that’s the case, take advantage of seasonal clearance sales and buy items for next year at supremely discounted prices.

For example, if you notice your child’s winter coat is getting the tiniest bit snug or short come February, keep an eye out for when winterwear is going on sale in late winter and early spring.

If you’re still feeling anxious about shopping that far in advance, opt for something not so seasonally-specific — a cute logo tee, hoodie, or cardigan can be easily layered to suit whatever season an item fits them in.

Try this on for size

Girls Ombre Hoodie – $19.90 at Forever 21
Toobydoo Block Stripe Zip Sweater – $27.99 at 6pm
Feather Knit Cardigan – $25.90 at Zara
Frost-Free Quilted Vest for Boys – $24 at Old Navy

2. Go long!


Another trick that works particularly well when shopping for girls is to opt for tunics or dresses. If your kid sprouts up in a short period of time, a tunic or dress that hits the knees one season may be mid-thigh six months later.

But you’ve still got plenty of styling options. Simply add leggings or opaque tights to get maximum wear out of your child’s favorite pieces.

Try this on for size

Girls Space-Dyed Cageback Handkerchief Hem Legging Tee – $11.99 at Kohl’s
Girls Unicorn Favorite Leggings – $6 at Target
Speechless Tunic Top – $14.99 at JCPenney
Girls Carter’s Olive Tunic & Floral Leggings set – $20 at Kohl’s

3. Watch the waist


Elastic waists are another shortcut to saving on your child’s wardrobe. Don’t forget, they’ll expand in all directions, impacting their height, width and shape.

Elastic waistbands can be more practical than say, a structured fabric like denim, because they allow for a little wiggle room as your child grows.

Try this on for size

Boys Matchable Sueded Knit Shorts – $8.48 at The Children’s Place
Girls Seven7 Elastic Waist Bermuda Shorts – $16.99 at Target
Girls Butterfly Print Pull-On Woven Pants – $12.48 at The Children’s Place
Girls Carter’s Olive Pocket Dress – $18 at Kohl’s

4. Spend wisely


It can be oh-so tempting to splurge on a pretty party dress or that dashing wool peacoat for your kid, but recognize that something you’d get multiple years of “cost per wear” use out of may be a one and done item for a child.

Skip the designer gear or the high end finishes and fabrics — unless you can nab an unbelievable price on an item.

The good news? Discount retailers like 6pm.com offer luxury brands at great prices, while department stores can also be a good place to hunt for out of season prices on coveted brands or holiday gear.

Another easy way to save money on your back to school clothes shopping is to use coupon codes. You can find 6pm coupons and other promo codes online at Coupons.com. Print them out or use them when you shop online — it’s so easy!

Try this on for size

Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Magic Fleece Pullover Hoodie – $26.99 at 6pm
Little Marc Jacobs All Over Printed Dress with Knotted Detail – $44.99 at 6pm
Collection by Michael Strahan Shirt + Tie Set – $29.99 at JCPenney
Kate Spade New York Kids Skirt – $26.99 at 6pm

5. Shop in multiples



If your child has a favorite item, they can be super reluctant to let it go, particularly if it features a licensed character.

When you’re shopping, keep an eye out for discounts on bulk purchases. You can buy the same item in a larger size for when your child is ready to “graduate” to it, or alternatively, a similar item with a new design that will entice them to say goodbye to their too-small graphic tee or dress.

Try this on for size

Star Wars BB-8 Tee for Boys – $12 at Old Navy
Disney Beauty and the Beast Graphic T-Shirt – $7.99 at JCPenney
NFL #174 Graphic Team Tee for Boys – $16.99 at Old Navy
Girls Wonder Woman T-Shirt – $8.99 at Target

6. Stretchy fabrics are your friend


If you’re hoping to hang onto pieces for a bit longer, opt for stretch fabrics and looser cuts where possible. What feels trendily oversized today should still work when it’s more form-fitting down the road.

Luckily, plenty of kids’ clothing is built with some stretch to suit the active lifestyles of youngsters so you have no shortage of options to choose from.

Try this on for size

Sparkle Unicorn Tunic – $12 at Gymboree
Arizona Short-Sleeve T-shirt – $7.99 at JCPenney
Girls Solid Knit Jeggings – $12.48 at The Children’s Place
Volcom Kids Frickin Modern Stretch Chino Pants – $24.99 at 6pm

7. Shop online


Retail stores have limited floor space to stock what will sell in-season. That means their clearance stuff is pushed out the door as quickly as possible — and often relegated to online stockrooms.

Shopping online for kids clothing is ideal because you can often filter by size to see what’s available on sale, instead of scouring the racks at the mall.

The key is to search for off-season items — you might be surprised to find perfect for fall coats from last year or a sweet holiday dress available at blowout prices mid-summer, but you’ll certainly enjoy the savings!

Try this on for size

Bonnie Jean Yellow Cascade Dress – $38.99 at JCPenney
Jack Wolfskin Kids Snow Ride Texapore Insulated Jacket – $111.99 at 6pm
Weatherproof Girls Heavyweight Parka – $62.99 at JCPenney
Boys Eddie Bauer Quarter-Zip Sweater – $22.80 at Kohl’s

7. Grow Into It


Buying something a little big is sometimes a better choice over picking something that fits *just* right. Pant cuffs and sleeves can be rolled up or pinned, while dresses can be belted until your child grows a bit. Just be careful not to buy things that look like your kiddo is swimming in them, especially to avoid tripping hazards!
This trick also works for clothing that’s trendy to be a bit oversized, like bomber jackets or tunics. Depending on how quickly they’re sprouting up, your kid may be able to rock these pieces for two back-to-school seasons – or more!

Try this on for size

Baseball Jacket with Tiger Print – $29.90 at Zara
Girls Mock Neck Dress – $12.90 at Forever 21
Appaman Kids Speedway Hoodie – $32.99 at 6pm
Plaid Flannel Shirtdress for Girls – $26.00 at Old Navy


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