Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits | thegoodstuff

We’re heading into summer and that means your home bar needs to be prepared for entertaining guests with all the cocktails of the season. You need to stock up on rum for tiki drinks, tequila for margaritas on the patio, and vodka for endless cosmos on a warm Saturday night with friends.

Keeping a good home bar stocked with the essential quality spirits can add up quickly, but Kirkland Signature spirits from Costco can get your bar ready for summer without breaking the bank. Anyone who’s ever been to Costco knows their house brand, Kirkland Signature. With this line of fabulous spirits you can enjoy quality liquor at a fraction of the cost.

As you get ready to plan and host your summer events, there are two things to consider when shopping for your home bar: cost and flavor.


Let’s face it, when you’re hosting a party for a bunch of friends, cost is a consideration when it comes to planning your cocktail menu. If you’re serving cocktails to a group, buying enough spirits to serve a crowd adds up quickly. Kirkland Signature provides you a bargain from a price perspective and also delivers a high quality spirit.

When compared to name brands in the same category, Kirkland Signature spirits can save you anywhere from 21 percent to 45 percent off the retail price of your favorite distilled spirits. That’s a significant amount of money you can put towards more food — or keep in your pocket — while still throwing a standout cocktail party!


When you’re serving drinks at a party, it’s likely you’ll be mixing cocktails versus drinking your spirits straight up or on the rocks. Costco’s Kirkland Signature spirits are perfect — and we mean perfect! — for mixed cocktails. To introduce you to the various flavors, we’ve put together a flavor guide for each Kirkland Signature offering.

1. Tequila: Silver

Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila is made from some of the finest blue agave available. Agave plants are hand-selected and handpicked at an average age of more than 7 years. After 72 hours of fermentation, the juices from the agave are distilled twice in stainless steel pot stills, which creates a superior spirit.

This tequila features smooth flavors with hints of fruit, vanilla, and light wood. The finish is long, producing a prolonged sensation of freshness and roundness. This is a great tequila for mixing cocktails throughout the summer. For a delicious Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila cocktail, try our recipe for Kiss Me, Quick!

Kiss Me, Quick! Cocktail Recipe

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits: Kirkland Tequila Recipe | thegoodstuff

Tools: Shaker, fine wire mesh strainer
Glass: Highball
Extras: Fruit for garnish
Servings: 2 cocktails


  • 5 ounces Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila
  • 1 1/2 ounces sweet vermouth
  • 3 ounces fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
  • 1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons orange marmalade
  • 1/2 ounce simple syrup


  1. Assemble all ingredients into an ice-filled shaker.
  2. Shake it like you mean it, then double strain into ice-filled highball glasses.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

2. Tequila: Reposado

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits | thegoodstuff

Kirkland tequila is made from 100 percent blue agave, handpicked at an average of 8 years old. After fermentation, the juices are distilled twice in stainless steel pot stills, then transferred to white oak barrels and aged for a minimum of two months to less than a year. Kirkland Signature’s Reposado Tequila won awards at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in both 2012 and 2013.

This tequila delivers aromas of pineapple, flowers, honey, and grilled pepper. The smooth flavor is accented with spice and hints of vanilla and sandalwood. Enjoy it on the rocks or mixed into a traditional margarita for a classic cocktail.

3. Vodka

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits: Kirkland Signature Vodka Recipe | thegoodstuff

Kirkland Signature Vodka is distilled five times, making it one of the smoothest vodkas you can buy. Its smooth finish and elegant balance is often compared to Grey Goose vodka. Add this vodka to your cosmopolitan or dirty martini. For an excellent summer cocktail, check out our Lavender Lemon Drop Martini.

4. Rum

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits | thegoodstuff

Looking for a higher proof rum? Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum – St. Croix Island offers up a 92 proof, which is higher than many common brand names. Its toasted oak flavor with rich notes of vanilla, butter, and cinnamon and semisweet finish earned it a gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013. This spirit is best served on ice, mixed into your favorite tiki cocktail, or in a classic Cuba Libre.

5. Gin

The botanicals that make up Kirkland Signature’s London Dry Gin are juniper berries, coriander, orange peel, cassia bark, orris root, cardamom pods, lemon peel, angelica root, and rose. “London Dry” means the flavoring in the gin is a result of herbs and botanicals being distilled in with a neutral spirit, rather than being artificially added after the fact. That’s right, there’s no juniper syrup in this gin — it’s the real deal. Thjs gin has exotic flavors of sweet cider, sage, vanilla mint, cinnamon, and zesty lemon-orange citrus. In order to enjoy this gin to the fullest, we recommend using it with our The Good Stuff exclusive gin cocktail, the Ruby 75.

The Ruby 75 Cocktail Recipe

Cheers! 5 Quality & Affordable Costco Spirits: Kirkland Gin Recipe | thegoodstuff

Tools: Shaker, muddler, fine wire mesh strainer
Glass: Coupe
Extras: Raspberries for garnish
Servings: 2 cocktails


  • 4 ounces Kirkland Signature London Dry Gin
  • 2 ounces St. Germaine (elderflower liqueur)
  • 6-8 fresh raspberries
  • Champagne, well chilled (rosé is a fun alternative)


  1. Add St. Germaine and raspberries to cocktail shaker and muddle gently to juice raspberries.
  2. Add gin and ice to shaker, then shake it like you mean it!
  3. Double strain cocktail through fine wire mesh strainer over each coupe glass, dividing evenly.
  4. Top each cocktail with about 1 ½ ounces of champagne.
  5. Garnish each glass with a

Kirkland Signature spirits make it easy to stock your home bar with quality liquor without breaking the bank. Next time you’re out, check out Costco alcohol and liquor prices and see for yourself. Now you can focus on serving your guests in style and have a wonderful summer mixing away!

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