Get Organizing with (Affordable) Closet Inspiration!

Get Organizing with (Affordable) Closet Inspiration! | thegoodstuff

It’s easy to create a beautifully organized closet when you have a large space and an expensive custom closet system. However, most homes only contain small closets without built-in organizational units.

To help you create a functional and fashionable closet without draining your bank account, I’ve searched for the most beautiful closets that are easy to re-create. Keep reading to discover affordable closet inspiration — without expensive built-in systems!

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Idea #1: Add a set of drawers


Source: Apartment Therapy

Custom drawer units can be costly to install in you closet, but it’s easy to mimic the effect by adding in a set of drawers that weren’t originally made for closets.

Head to the store and look for home office or kitchen storage units that can easily be repurposed in your closet to organize loose items. This quick fix is an affordable way to replicate the look and feel of a custom closet without the custom closet price tag!

Finding cheap closet organization furniture can be a challenge, we know. We happened upon this 2-drawer piece and a  3-drawer rolling cart that would work well in most closets. Need something bigger? Try this shelf-drawer combo for added functionality!

Idea #2: Use color to organize & accessorize


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Using colorful storage units is an attractive and effective way to organize any closet. You can choose to color code boxes based on their contents so that each item can be found quickly.

I recommend storing attractive items or things that can easily be lost in clear containers and hiding loose, messy items in containers with an opaque color. Use multiples of each color to creative a cohesive look that’s fashionable and functional!

Contain those small items in this colorful collection of boxes, or if you have a chevron addiction (like we do), these patterned storage bins will add a dash of personality!

Idea #3: Store loose items in bins


Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Loose items can make your closet appear messy even if it’s perfectly organized. I love using storage bins to hold items that are loose or varied in size. Each storage bin protects your items from getting lost and keeps your closet looking neat and tidy!

If you’d like to create a closet with a classic design, choose bins in the same material or pattern. The matching patterns and materials will create a simple and chic look.

These fabric drawers are affordable and come in a huge variety of colors, allowing you to fully customize your closet’s color palette. If you want a traditional look like the photo above, try this wicker storage set — it even comes with a matching hamper so you’ve already got idea #6 covered!

Idea #4: Update your closet with a colorful accent wall


Source: Kojodesigns

Installing expensive built-in compartments isn’t the only way to create a showstopping closet. Make your closet unique by adding a colorful accent wall.

This easy and inexpensive tutorial shows you step-by-step instructions for this accent wall project that will add a modern twist to any closet. After completing this tutorial, you won’t be able to resist organizing every inch of your beautiful new closet.

Another great idea is to add a pop of color to your shelves. Shelf liner makes for easy application, and it comes in dozens of patterns and colors like this fun navy blue geometric pattern, this light blue floral, and this fun, neutral polka dot pattern!

Idea #5: Add shelf dividers


Source: Design Love Fest

Sometimes the smallest changes to your closet can yield the greatest results. Instead of investing in costly custom shelving units, utilize your closet’s existing space. I love how this idea simply adds inexpensive shelf dividers to the closet’s top shelf to keep shirts and sweaters neatly stacked.

Try adding this set of four shelf dividers to your own closet and watch those tumbled piles of sweaters disappear. Better yet, pop this shelf divider with a shelf (say that five times fast!) in and you have a place up high for those items you rarely use!

Idea #6: Keep a laundry basket inside the closet


Source: HGTV

Even the most pristine closet won’t stay organized without a plan for handling dirty clothes. Instead of leaving messy piles on the floor, keep a small laundry basket inside your closet.

This beautiful closet utilizes a modern laundry basket in a tone that matches the the closet’s design, so it’s a cute addition to the space that also provides a functional value!

This brown hamper includes two sections to keep your lights and darks separated. If you love a nautical theme or just navy blue, this striped laundry basket will look great tucked in your closet!

Idea #7: Create a kid-friendly system


Source: Wise Crib

It’s always important to create an organizational system that’s easy to use, however, simplicity is critical when you’re organizing children’s items. Create a system that’s easy to understand and flexible to use so your children can put away their items without much thought.

I love the idea of using soft, colorful bins to store loose toys and clear drawers to house larger items such as board games or sports equipment. The key is to find a system that works for you and your child!

We think these animal-themed storage bins would look adorable in any child’s bedroom! Pair them with one of this animal-shaped laundry baskets for a kid-friendly zoo theme!

Idea #8: Keep your items in mint condition


Source: Pretty Neat Living

Storing items correctly can keep your clothing, shoes, and accessories in fabulous condition. Store each item in a way that protect its shape, finish, and design.

In this perfectly organized closet, cheap plastic bins protect shoes from dust, debris, and scratches while affordable plastic hangers keep boots wrinkle-free!

Simple, see-through boxes keep shoes bright and shiny, while these clippable boot hangers reduce that annoying boot slump!

Idea #9: Label each closet section


Source: InStyle

It’s easy for closets to get disorganized when each item isn’t put back in its appropriate space. This bright and cheery linen closet utilizes affordable labels to guarantee everything is put back in the correct spot every time. This simple fix will keep your closet looking magazine-ready throughout the year!

This set of 40 chalkboard labels comes with a chalk marker to make sure you have no excuses for not labeling your shelves and drawers, while these zig-zag labels are fun and colorful!

Idea #10: Add hooks underneath your shelves


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Instead of installing an extra shelf in your closet, consider adding a row of hooks underneath an existing shelf. Hooks can be found at most stores, and the installation process only takes a few seconds. This quick and easy shelf adds an extra storage area for bags, scarves, or jewelry!

As always, adhesive hooks win the award for easy installation. If you need something a bit sturdier, try these ceiling hooks or this over-the-door hook set!


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