A Win-Win Situation. Helping Others & Saving Money.

Breakfast is a crucial meal for us all, especially kids. Children who eat school breakfast miss less school and get higher math scores, making them 20% more likely to graduate high school. But there are a lot of kids who aren’t getting breakfast. In fact, of the 21 million U.S. kids who get free or reduced-price school lunch, only half of those eligible kids get breakfast.

c4cCoupons for Change has partnered with Share Our Strength, which connects kids to nutrition programs like school breakfast. You can help out simply by clipping coupons and using them to save on the groceries you buy every week. At couponsforchange.org, every three coupons used gives one meal to a hungry child. They’ve also teamed up with celebrity chef and author of Ten Dollar Dinners, Melissa d’Arabian. She’s sharing some of her favorite breakfast recipes that are both kid-approved and nutritious, so households everywhere can start the day off right.

It’s a win-win!  You help to win the fight against hunger while saving money on your own groceries and a child who is in need, receives a nutritious breakfast.

Green Morning Smoothies

green-smoothieIf you’ve been hesitant to join the green smoothie craze, this is the perfect recipe to get you started. It contains a good dose of healthy greens like spinach, but the banana, peach and other ingredients make it taste sweet and delicious. It also contains whole oats, which will keep you feeling full and satisfied.


Breakfast Greek Yogurt Banana Split

yogurt-banana-splitWho doesn’t like “dessert” for breakfast. Layer your breakfast bowl with bananas, a scoop of Greek fat free honey vanilla yogurt, then sprinkle on jam, sliced almonds, and fresh fruit. Voilà! A banana split loaded with healthy ingredients to kick-start your day.


Apple-Carrot Mini Muffins

apple-carrot-muffinsThese muffins are chock-full of nutritious ingredients like oats, flax seeds and produce. The best thing about this recipe is you can use whatever vegetables or fruit you have around the house. Melissa suggests carrots and apples but you can also use produce like spinach, zucchini, pears, or pineapple.


Breakfast Quesadilla

breakfast-quesadillaIf you love breakfast burritos then you will certainly love these breakfast quesadillas. Load up a tortilla with refried beans, cheese, scrambled eggs and avocado. Then grill it up in a frying pan and enjoy!



If coupons are available for one of the dishes on Coupons for Change, you’ll be able to clip them right from the recipe. Making it possible to save, give, and find nutritious meals, all in one spot. For more coupons and recipes like Overnight Oatmeal or a Potato-Bacon Torte, go to couponsforchange.org.