A Guy’s Guide to Skin Care

guy's guide to skin care

So many skin care articles are focused on women, but we’d like the guys to know that they’re not forgotten. Luckily, this guy’s guide to skin care will tell you that there are only a few products that any man needs for healthier hair and smoother skin, especially in the summer.

clinique for menFor All Around Moisture – Your skin will thank you when you introduce the Clinique for Men line into your regimen. It includes a post-shave healer, a lotion, an oil-control mattifier, an anti-age moisturizer and SPF hydration protection. Each product has its own specific benefit from an aloe-rich post-shave smoother to an all-day face revitalizer. Get all five and get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. If you want to try just one at a time, then choose the post-shave healer.

gillette body wash

For a Deep Clean – Most guys might think that it doesn’t matter what you wash with as long as you use soap. But that’s not always the case. Picking the right body wash will do wonders for your skin. Consider the Gillette Hydrator Body Wash, which helps lock in moisture, especially during the dry summer months. Wash away dirt, sweat and odor while still feeling like a man.

old spice deodorantFor Smelling Great – Nothing is better than when a guy smells great. Using the proper deodorant will help any guy achieve an alluring scent. Try an Old Spice Antiperspirant to get a fresh smell that rids you of wetness and odor. If you’re a little bolder, get an Old Spice deodorant in one of the more interesting scents like Lionpride and Bearglove.


pantene shampoo and conditionerFor Healthy Hair – Women love being able to run their hands through a guy’s hair without worrying about flakes or extra gel. Keep your hair clean and shiny by using both a Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve the best results. Your hair will be soft and nourished without any dryness. Always remember to follow-up with conditioner. Shampoo keeps your hair clean, but conditioner is what makes it stand out. 


Before you shop: Men with beards have become a definite trend lately, so if you’re looking for some tips on styling your facial hair then look no further. Click here to see how to best wear your beard this summer.