9 Ways to Show Off Your Fur Baby Obsession

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Anyone that’s had a pet will tell you – they really are part of the family. Whether you really think of your pooch as your best friend or you call yourself a crazy cat lady with a straight face, when it comes to pet love, the adoration is real. Want to show off your fur baby love? There are tons of cute ways to celebrate (or commemorate) a beloved furry friend with Snapfish – here are a few of our favorites!

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Show Off Your Pet Year-Round
Open up your phone or camera – quick! We’re guessing you’ve got a few dozen (or hundred) photos of your pet doing something adorable. Instead of leaving those photos in the digital world, however, why not apply them to something practical, like a calendar? You can nab photos from different times of year to suit the season. Plus, whether your hang it at home or at the office, you’ll have a daily excuse to go awwww!
Snapfish Calendar

Cuddle Up – Even When Your Pet Isn’t In the Mood
Nothing beats a warm cat on your lap or rubbing the silky ears of your dog while they rest next to you. But if your pet needs some alone time or is out romping in the backyard, you can still cuddle with them if you have one of these photo-printed blankets! Crafted with smooth microfleece and plush Berber fleece, just don’t be surprised if you find your fur baby cuddling down on your blanket one day.
Snapfish Fleece Blanket

Cheers to Your Pet
Most animals love routine – just like humans. If part of your morning involves a bit of relaxing while your cat stretches out in a sunbeam or your dog quietly gnaws on a toy in the corner, make it an extra meaningful hang session with a cute photo printed mug or coasters. You can even bring your beloved mug into the office to strike up a convo with fellow cat, dog, bird, or critter lovers.
Snapfish Mug + Coaster

Commemorate a Pet
There are certain times in your life you want to remember forever – like the first year you brought your pet home. Creating a photo book of your pet is super easy, plus you can add in snaps of the family to create a yearbook-style keepsake. Photo books are also a nice way to remember a beloved furball when they’ve gone to the big backyard in the sky.
Snapfish Photo Book

Make Your Pet Your Muse
Canvas prints are a modern way to highlight all the members of the family – and that most definitely includes your favorite sidekick! If you’ve got a knack for photography, try blowing up prints of the kids, travel snaps, and of course, your pet, for a cool way to highlight your skills.
Snapfish Canvas Print

Bring Your Pet With You (kind of)
This is a purr-fect gift idea for a child that’s leaving the home for college or into their first place. They can bring this handy tote bag with them everywhere from the library to the grocery store, and have a friendly reminder of their beloved pet back home that wouldn’t mind a visit from time to time.
Snapfish Tote

Play With Your Pet
Whether you’re breaking these out for poker night or a quiet afternoon with the grandparents, these custom playing cards are a hoot – especially when the featured faced on the back of them belongs to your best furry friend.
Snapfish Playing Cards

Pack Your Pet
Forget homesickness – is there such a thing as petsickness? If you feel guilty every time you board a plane or go on a road trip because you’ve left Fido or Fluffy behind, this sleek leather luggage tag is a nice reminder that they’re probably enjoying the high life with their pet sitter…even if they definitely miss you too!
Snapfish Luggage Tag

Make Your Pet Part of the Décor
Yes you’re always telling your dog to stay off the couch – but this is one exception worth making. A vibrant photo printed pillow of your pet is a striking way to add a personal touch to any room. Plus you can embellish your pillow with fun icons and fonts.
Snapfish Pillow



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