9 Holiday Travel Hacks for the Jet-setting Beauty


If you are traveling over the river and through the woods by plane, train or automobile this holiday season, it can often be a stressful situation. And that stress can be seen on your face in the form of fine lines, blemishes and the like. But here at The Good Stuff, we’d like to give you some handy makeup tips for the jet-setting beauty in you so you can arrive to your holiday destination in style..

Use a Travel Atomizer for Consolidating Sprays

Travel Atomizer

Carrying fragrances can be a chore but it does not have to be! Purchase a travel atomizer, which is a refillable perfume spray that holds numerous sprays in one. It takes seconds to fill and it is TSA approved.

Have a Pill Organizer for Jewelry Storage

Pill Organizer

Use a pill organizer to store small jewelry such as earrings, rings and fold-able bracelets. This allows you to travel with all your favorite baubles without worrying about them getting tangled or lost in the process.

Store Hairpins the Fun Way


Store hairpins in a Tic Tac container when you’re traveling. They fit perfectly, which makes it super easy for you to find them after a long flight. Any jet-setting beauty knows how easy it is to lose hairpins, even when you’re not out and about.

Protect Cosmetics with Cotton

Cotton balls for cosmetics

Protect your powder cosmetic products with cotton. Carrying your favorite compact no longer has to be a chore. Insert three cotton balls in a large face powder compact and one cotton ball for small eye shadows and blushes. If the compact will not close, secure it with a piece of scotch tape–it will be well worth it.

Use a Bead Case to Store Cosmetics

Bead Case

Are you into DIY projects too? If so, then all those bead cases you have lying around will come in handy as a jet-setting beauty. Bead cases are really great because they contain little gram jars that are great for storing eye creams, foundation, lipstick and eye shadow. Pick one up from a craft store for less than $10 if you don’t have one already.

Refresh With Mineral Spray

mineral spray

Refresh your makeup on the go with a mineral water spray. This will not only keep your makeup looking bright and new, but it will also provide your skin with some well needed moisture, especially after a long, stuffy flight.

Keep Hot Wands Cool

oven mitt for hair wands

Traveling with your flat iron, curling wand or curling iron can be a chore. Make life easy by tucking them away in a pot holder as this will help to protect your clothes from any mishaps.

Apply a Night Cream for Long Flights

night cream

Cabin air is really dry and it can dehydrate your skin. Grab your favorite night cream and apply it before takeoff. Night creams provide more moisture than your favorite day cream, believe it or not!

Pack a Jar of Vaseline

vaseline for travel

It might sound sort of odd to pack a jar of Vaseline in your travel bag, but it makes perfect sense. Vaseline will provide triple skin care duty as a hand cream, lip moisturizer and makeup remover.

Final tip: If you don’t have any of these fun storage systems, but you still need travel-size beauty containers, try picking up some of your favorite cosmetics from Sephora and Ulta that are already offered in travel size versions. This way, you don’t have to purchase those little travel bottles that always seem to get lost anyway.

Maintain your stress-free composure with these additional travel tips: