8 Ways to Show Your Halloween Spirit in the Office

Halloween decorations at the officeSource: Jampaper.com

Halloween gets bigger and bigger every year at Coupons.com with costume contests, cube decorating and pumpkin carving contests. How about your office? Do you show your spooky spirit, or is it just another day at work? Don’t let the kids have all the fun this year. We compiled our favorite ideas for Halloween office decorations that bring costumes, pumpkins and things that go bump in the night into your workplace.

Go All Out with the Halloween Office Decorations

If Halloween is a bigger deal than an extra day off at your office, have some fun with a theme that extends from your cube to your costume. Get your co-workers involved, too. Three of you can dress as Rock, Paper, and Scissors and host tournaments at your desks all day.

rock, paper, scissors costumesSource: spirithalloween.com

With a little bit of artistic ability you can go the solo route and paint your face like your favorite piece of art. We love this Lichtenstein-inspired look and the detail of Van Gogh (source: Reddit) Be sure to take advantage of the color printer to paper your cube walls in other works. This is also a great idea for a last-minute costume.

Lichtenstein face paint costumeSource: Flickr user Tony Aceves

Keep it traditional with lots of spider webs, skulls and Grim Reapers. Walmart has a fully stocked Halloween section, and you can pick up a few extra witch hats for anyone who didn’t plan a costume.

Blood and gore might not be appropriate for every office, but you can still embrace a harvest theme by turning a pumpkin into a vase for fall blooms and make sure to keep a jar of candy corn stocked at your desk.

pumpkin flower vaseSource: ehow.com

Inspired By Office Supplies

Grab a roll of masking tape and create your own crime scene on the floor. With a few fake blood splatters on your desk (test it first to make sure it washes out!), you’ll have co-workers checking in on you all day long.

Crime scene decorationsSource: ehow.com

We still love Jim from the Office’s 3-hole punch costume. Take it one step further and ask your office buddy to be your nemesis for the day by dressing up a Dwight.

the office jim 3 hole punch costume

Source: littlebitpretty.net

Undercover Halloween

If costumes aren’t encouraged at your office, but you still want to show your spooky side, consider a few desk decorations.

Painted pumpkinsSource: lollyjane.com

You can’t go wrong with a few decorative gourds, either plain, or painted. And if crafting is just not in your nature, get spooky with this Ouija board mouse pad.

How are you showing your Halloween spirit in the office? Are you taking advantage of our tips for throwing a DIY Halloween party?

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