8 Tricks to Organize Your Makeup Vanity

8 ways to organize makeup vanity

This week is all about the home! So we’re incorporating beauty and home care with some makeup vanity organization. In search of beautiful and organized ideas, we turned to Pinterest–our favorite spot for inspiration. (You’re following us, aren’t you?) After combing through thousands of images, here are the eight best tricks to organize your makeup vanity.

1. Trays: When it comes to corralling clutter, trays are your best friend. Whether you buy a coordinated set or mix and match via the thrift store or rummage sales, storing items on trays elevates them to organized in no time flat.

makeup vanity trays

 2. Framed Photos: Anchor your vanity with a framed photo of someone (or some place) you love. It’s a personal space that’s just for you, so why make it clinical?

personal photo vanity

3. Drawer Dividers: Use drawer dividers to maximize out-of-sight drawer space. Don’t forget to check the kitchen storage section of stores for possible solutions.

makeup vanity drawers

4. Door Cabinets: Think vertically and put the walls (and doors) near your vanity space to work. Over-the-door storage cabinets can be a lifesaver in small spaces. Seriously, isn’t this the best idea ever?

vertical makeup vanity

5. Storage Containers: Clear (or mesh-weave) storage containers make finding what you’re looking for a million times easier. They are very trendy right now so I’d snatch one up as quickly as possible.

clear makeup storage container

6. Re-purposed vases: Vases, jars, goblets and used candle holders work beautifully as containers for brushes, liners, etc. This is one of those makeup vanity tricks that you’d wish you’d done sooner!

makeup brush storage

7. Cake Stand Presentation: Creative uses of everyday items (like this cake stand) can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to storage. Cigar boxes, parfait glasses, cookie jars–the sky is the limit when it comes to smart and unique storage. Plus, it gives you another excuse to eat cake.

cakestand makeup storage

Want to know our 8th trick for makeup vanities? Affix magnets to the back of your compacts so you can store them attached to a tray. Or you can even attach them to a cookie sheet that’s been hung on the wall. This is certainly one the best makeup vanity tricks out there.