8 Affordable Ideas for 4th of July Celebrations

8 affordable 4th of july celebrations

Summer entertaining is meant to be simple and nothing epitomizes a summer party more than a 4th of July celebration. These nine tips are meant to make your day easy and inexpensive yet full of unique touches that will have your guests going how do they do it? So fire up the grill, raise the flag, and get ready to celebrate in fun, affordable style.

Hot Dog Potluck

hot dog potluck

No Fourth of July celebration is complete without a hot dog! Even better when you can turn it into a money-saving potluck. Tell guests you will provide the hot dog essentials: meat, bun, ketchup, mustard and relish. Then ask them each to bring one creative topper. Chili, guacamole, pepperoni, mango salsa–the options are endless!

Homemade Flag Tanks

homemade flag tanks

Kids love a festive shirt, but parents hate paying a ton for something they’ll probably wear once. Buy inexpensive plain white shirts and use fabric paints to draw on this design. Even if you have zero artistic skills, you can probably handle the straight lines and handprint!

Stock Up on Groceries

Grocery stores have some of the best sales around 4th of July. Now is the time to stock up not only for your celebration, but for the rest of summer. Baked beans, barbecue sauce, bottled water, chips, salad dressing and soda are just a few of the things that will go on sale. There will also be amazing sales on meat so if you have the freezer space, stock up.

Potted Flowers

potted flowers

I’m a big fan of decorating with potted flowers instead of bouquets. They last much longer! And since most people have finished their spring planting long ago, you may find some great prices at your local nursery. If you don’t have room to plant them after the party, send them home with your guests as favors.

Red, White & Blue Punch

red white blue punch

Your guests will be blown away by this super simple red, white and blue drink. The trick is layering by sugar content. The beverage with the highest sugar content will stay at the bottom. Make sure there is a dramatic difference in the grams of sugar or they may mix.

Party Supplies

Disposable party supplies can quickly add up in cost, but doing dishes well into the night is no way to spend 4th of July. I like to split it up between the two so I find the right balance between cost and convenience. Stick to disposable for appetizers and dessert but go with silverware and dishes for dinner. Use coupons on party supplies to save even more.

DIY Burlap Banners

diy burlap banners

Buy sheets of burlap in the scrapbook section at your local craft store. Print out your own star-spangled banners to hang in your backyard. Use twine or red and blue ribbon to string it together.

Pallet Flag

pallet flag

Nothing will make a grand statement like this pallet flag at your front door. Check sites like Freecycle or go to local nurseries and hardware stores and simply ask if you can have a pallet. The trick is going to small stores. The big names already have systems in place for disposing of pallets and they probably aren’t allowed to break protocol and give them away. But your mom and pop nursery may be more than willing to give you one if you ask nicely!

Before you shop: Last-minute shopping is an affordable way to save on celebrations. Look for stores open on 4th of July and head over first thing in the morning to get flag-branded T-shirts and party items. Everything will already be marked down since it’s the morning of, but you’ll have plenty of time left in the day to decorate with these affordable ideas for 4th of July celebrations.