9 Steps to Getting Your Family Organized, and Keeping Them that Way

Keeping your family organized is no easy task. From personal experience, I can say that career, home, kids and trying to fit a workout in once in awhile is a challenge. I have found that putting a few family organization systems into place can save you a lot of time and headaches. And more time coupled with less headaches creates a better life! Here are 9 ways to keep track of everyone and everything:

1. Cubbie System
home organizationCubbies are great for the kindergarten classroom, so why not use them to keep things organized in your home. Paint the back wall with chalkboard paint so you can leave reminders and love notes for your little and your big ones. You can often find a deal on these materials by using coupons from Home Depot.

2. Family Charging Station
organize cords
Drill holes into the bottom of a desktop organizer to create a charging station for the whole family. That way you can keep all the cords in one place and it’s easier to corral together all the electronics when it’s lights out. I also like that it keeps the kids tablets and phones out of their bedrooms all night. Michael’s is a great place to find these inexpensively and you can find ready-made options from Target where you can save money off the retail price by using a Target coupon or check your local AT&T Wireless store and use a discount code to save online.

3. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer
kitchen organizationIf your fridge is starting to look more like a bulletin board than a place for food, this one may be for you. Line the inside of the cabinet with sheet metal and cover it with shelf liner to create a pretty, magnetic surface. The clothespin organizer can hold takeout menus, bills, and gym class schedules.

4. Weekly Wall Calendar
wall calendar home organization
This weekly calendar not only provides a decorative element to your home, but makes it possible for your family to take in the week’s highlights at a glance. It will keep everyone on the same page and no one can say they didn’t remember Wednesday was the dance recital!

5. Menu Planning Board
Day of the week boards are also a great decorative addition in the kitchen for meal planning. This DIYer took an old picture frame and lined the picture with fabric. Then she drew her grid with permanent marker on the inside of the glass and inserted it back into the frame. Use dry-erase markers to jot down the weekly menu.

6. Family P.O. Boxes
family organization center
Avoid stacks of paper by creating an inbox for each member of your family. Stash unread magazines, invitations, pending homework, and whatever other “paperwork” your spouse and children may have. You can find a deal for a variety of organizers by using promo codes for Overstock.com.

7. Corner Command
This is a great command center if you’re working with a small space. We’ve all got a tiny corner we can spare. Install a corner shelf, put a bulletin board and inbox center up on the wall and you’re ready to go.

8. Errand Closet
errand closetKeep bins in your hall closet that you can grab and go. For example stash store returns in one bin, library returns in another, and items to donate in the next. That way, the items stay organized and out of sight until you’re ready to run errands. Plus, when you’re running out the door, you can just grab a bin and you can use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon to make it an inexpensive addition to your closet!

9. Family Binder
organizational tools binder for family

Here’s one for the uber-organized moms out there, a family binder. You can find free printables to get you started. Store things like babysitter’s contact info, all of your utility accounts and passwords, insurance and health information, and whatever else you deem important enough for the family binder. This mom created a meal-planning page with interchangeable post-it notes for each day of the week. Walgreens has a variety of organizers that can match your vibe, many of which can be purchased with a coupon to save money.