7 Skinny Foods to Start Eating This Year


According to many resolutions, this is the year to shed pounds. But don’t set yourself up for failure with ridiculous, unattainable goals. Making small, manageable resolutions is an easy way to stick to them. By adding a few healthy foods to your diet, you can make positive changes without feeling overwhelmed by those pie-in-the-sky resolutions.

Choose foods that are loaded with healthy nutrients that keep you feeling full long after you’ve eaten. I’ve found seven skinny foods to start eating this year, and you’ll love how easy it is to stick with these simple additions to your diet.

Pair your resolution to lose weight with one of these New Year’s resolution apps for a way to hold yourself accountable, and be sure to check out our healthy food challenge to eat 100 veggies in just one week plus these 7 mood- and energy-boosting foods.

1. Avocados

7 Skinny Foods to Start Eating This Year | thegoodstuff

Although avocados are high in fat, they’re packed with healthy monounsaturated fat.  Eat one and you’ll feel full for hours while boosting your brain and heart health.

Try out this 10-minute appetizer in the form of warm avocado toast (#2) to easily add this superfood to your diet. If you’re not that into avocados but want to reap some of the benefits, then opt for a light and easy avocado smoothie (#2) breakfast.

2. Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

If you want to stimulate your metabolism, toss some chopped chili peppers in your meals.  Along with giving your dish a bit of heat and flavor, the capsaicin in peppers inhibits inflammation in your body.

Get your hands on this baked turkey and jack cheese chimichanga to incorporate more chili peppers into your diet. The dish only takes 20 minutes to prep and is a Weight Watchers favorite.

3. Apples


Apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber that reduces the amount of sugar and calories absorbed by the bloodstream. Apples prevent blood sugar spikes, and keep you satiated for hours. Do yourself a favor and eat an apple a day.

Of course, the easiest way to add apples to your diet is to bite right into them. But if you find it hard to eat fruit, try adding delicious apples into your recipes for grain-free stuffing (#1) or a cauliflower, apple, pecan medley (#7)!

4. Black Beans

Black Beans

If you’re looking to regulate your blood sugar and feel satiated hours after eating, put black beans on the menu. Black beans are low in calories, and make an excellent source of vegetarian protein.

I admit, black beans don’t usually do it for me. But they can find their way onto my plate if they’re in a dish filled with other healthy ingredients, like this Catalina taco salad (#8) that’s mm-mm good!

5. Egg Whites

Egg Whites

At 17 calories each, egg whites make an excellent choice for those who want to slim down.  To feel full after you eat, choose this high quality protein.

Usually, I eat whole wheat toast with egg whites for breakfast, which makes it pretty easy to add to my diet. But you can jazz it up with these legendary pizza waffles that have egg whites on top! This meal is one that pretty much everyone will love.

6. Lentils


Red Lentils are loaded with fiber, which has the dual effect of making you feel full long after you’ve eaten and preventing dips and spikes in blood sugar.  This translates into helping you lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

Try a slow cooker lentil and pumpkin chili (#8) if you’re looking for a lentil dish that’s both hearty and healthy. Or go all out for for some memorable lentil Sloppy Joes (#4)!

7. Berries


Nutrient dense, low-calorie berries are an excellent choice for weight loss.  They satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering big on healthy antioxidants and powerful phyto-chemicals.

So many berries, so little time! You can use berries in pies, scones, on bread or even sauteed on a skillet. The possibilities are endless.


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