7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

It’s no secret that time is the most precious commodity of them all — and these days we’re all feeling more over-scheduled than ever. Shopping should be a fun part of your day, but it can be stressful to dash from one store to the next to get everything on your list. That’s why we love one-stop shopping at department stores like Sears and Kmart.

These are the perfect place to skip the stress and start to love shopping again. Here are 7 reasons why one-stop shopping is the best!

Save some money while you save time, too, with Sears promo codes and coupons, plus Kmart coupons and promo codes!

Reason #1: You can shop for your entire home

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, $265.99 (price shown at checkout)

You might associate department stores with clothes, but they actually offer way more for every room in your home. You can save time by skipping multiple trips to hardware and electronic stores — home appliances big and small, outdoor furniture and equipment, and tools are just a few of the handy departments you’ll find at Sears.

They even have electronics! Check out Sears’ Connected Solutions lineup, with awesome products like this Honeywell thermostat that you can control remotely from your phone.

If you’re looking to upgrade or add on to your home with a shiny new appliance or electronic toy, don’t forget to clip this amazing Sears coupon for 10% off a $75+ home purchase! (Exp. 3/26)

Reason #2: You can outfit your whole family

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

Star Wars Boys’ Darth Vader Light-Up Sneakers, $24.99

If you’ve got children, then you know keeping their closets up to date can be a challenge. Instead of visiting a dozen different stores for clothes, gadgets, and supplies for every member of your household, a store like Kmart caters to babies, kids, teens, and adults alike. Plus with awesome prices on essentials like footwear, Kmart makes it affordable for you to replace the kids’ items as they grow up.

Kids go through shoes like footwear is going out of style, so why not save every penny you can with great deals like this Sears promo code for an extra 15% off shoes for any member of the family + free shipping on any order of $35 or more (Exp. 3/15) or this Kmart coupon for buy one pair of shoes, get one for 50% off! (Exp. 3/19)

Reason #3: You can join a fantastic loyalty program

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

iHOME Noise-Isolating Metal Earphones with Inline Mic, Remote, & Pouch, $18.99

Who wouldn’t love to earn money while they’re shopping? Sears and Kmart are both part of Shop Your Way, a customer loyalty program that gives you one percent of your purchases back in points, which you can apply to future purchases.

They also send along special events, coupons, and offers to help you earn more and spend less every week. For example, you can nab these awesome in-ear noise-isolating headphones and earn part of the purchase price in points.

Shop Your Way isn’t the only way to save. You can also find great Sears and Kmart promo codes like this one for an extra $10 off a purchase of $100 or more at Kmart! (Exp. 5/31)

Reason #4: They offer great savings & specials

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

McKlein Leclaire Ladies’ Laptop Tote, $88.21

Kmart is famous for its Bluelight Specials, and they actually have a fantastic app to help you save whether shopping online or in stores. But that’s not the only way department stores like Kmart are helping customers save.

Keep an eye out for printable coupons and weekly deals for even more amazing offers. And with great prices to begin with, you really can’t go wrong. People will be begging to know where you snapped up great finds like this laptop tote, available for 40 percent off!

If you’ve got your eye on an item that isn’t on sale yet, you can still save with Kmart coupons like this one for an extra 10% off a purchase of $75 or more! (Exp. 5/31)

Reason #5: You can find great gifts for everyone on your list

Monster Moto Youth Mini Bike, $341.99

Finding the perfect gift can be stressful, but with so many products available, you’re sure to find the right item at the right price at a department store. Sears offers a year-round gift guide with ideas grouped by price points, occasions and recipient — including tough-to-buy for groups like preteen boys. Who wouldn’t love ripping around with this cool mini bike?

Reason #6: They have everyday staples & amazing treats

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

Jaclyn Smith Women’s Beaded Necklace, $12.99

Picking up those everyday essentials isn’t exactly the most fun thing to shop for. But what if you could treat yourself for a job well done (and money saved) by picking up a little luxury item, too?

One-stop shops like Kmart allow you to have the best of both worlds — you can nab everything from groceries to pet food to cleaning supplies, and then peruse their lineup of fine and fashion jewelry to nab great pieces like this trendy multi-strand beaded necklace, available for under $20!

Treat yourself to an extra 15% off fine jewelry with this great Kmart promo code! (Exp. 3/20)

Reason #7: They make finding items easy

7 Reasons to Love a One-Stop Shop at Sears & Kmart | thegoodstuff

Covington Women’s Y-Neck Chiffon Blouse & Cami, $15.29

Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a store only to find an item you love isn’t available. Now you can browse through the Sears or Kmart online catalogue, pick out exactly what you want, and have it delivered for free to a location near you.

It also means you don’t have to worry about minimum shipping charges when shopping online for pieces like this trendy ombre blouse — or you can look for a free shipping coupon code.

Don’t let those shipping charges add up — use this Kmart coupon for free shipping on orders of $59 or more! (Exp. 5/31)


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