7 Yummy, Peanut-Free Snacks for Kids

7 Yummy, Peanut-Free Snacks for Kids | thegoodstuff

It seems like so many of our little ones are affected by peanut allergies these days. It can be tough to find snacks that are peanut-free and safe for everyone to eat, but I’ve rounded up some allergy-friendly snacks that I think your kiddos will devour.

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These peanut-free snacks for kids are perfect for sending to school, sharing with friends at the local playground, or gobbling up inside on a hot summer day.

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1. Banana Ice Cream


Source: KitchMe

My kids are constantly asking for ice cream at snack time, but I’m usually trying to pawn off healthier items throughout the day. This banana ice cream is the perfect compromise! All you need are three ingredients and a blender.

2. Snickerdoodle Puppy Chow


Source: Your Cup of Cake

Puppy chow is one of my all-time favorite snacks that I could eat by the bowlful. This spin on the classic is loaded with cinnamon and white chocolate chips instead of peanut butter.

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3. Frozen Yogurt Bites


Source: The Lean Green Bean

We love these frozen yogurt bites because they’re endlessly customizable and super simple to make. Grab some of your favorite healthy yogurt and mix in whatever sounds good!

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4. Cookie Butter & White Chocolate Marshmallow Cereal Treats


Source: Very Culinary

If you haven’t tried cookie butter yet, you’re really missing out! The delectably creamy spread is put to good use in these simple cereal bars.

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5. Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas


Source: Dizzy Busy and Hungry

I can’t tell you how often I default to bananas for snack time. They’re quick, portable, and my kids like them. Sometimes, though, they request something a little more exciting and that’s where these banana slices come in!

6. Playground Granola Bars


Source: Noshing with the Nolands

These playground bars are chock full of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, dates, chocolate, and oats. With an ingredient list like that, you know they’ll give your little ones the energy they need to make it to their next meal!

7. Fresh Garlic Snack Mix


Source: Buns in My Oven

We love big, bold flavors in our house and this crunchy snack mix doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for snacking on the go!

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