7 New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

Holiday Traditions

It’s never too late to start new holiday traditions with your family, and you’ll look forward to making memories with your kids every year. Even if you already have a tradition in place, taking on more than one can add some fun and excitement to your holiday season. Your family will treasure the time spent together and have something to look forward to year after year. We’ve put together seven awesome and amazing traditions to start this holiday season. You just may adopt them all!

Host a Christmas Movie Night

Host a Christmas Movie NightSource: the36thavenue.com

Make Christmas movie night a yearly event and pass around festive popcorn to get in the holiday spirit.

Have Yourself a Hot Chocolate Bar

Have Yourself a Hot Chocolate BarSource: yellowblissroad.com

Add family hot chocolate night to your tradition list and feature a hot chocolate bar with special mix-ins. Nab free printables to make traditional hot chocolate even more memorable.

Decorate Gingerbread Houses Together

Decorate Gingerbread Houses TogetherSource: clickychickcreates.com

Set aside an afternoon to decorate a gingerbread house with your kids. A smorgasbord of candy will excite your little designers, so get ready for some sweet fun.

Start the Christmas Pickle Tradition

Start the Christmas Pickle TraditionSource: thesaucysoutherner.com

Adopt a new Chirstmas tradition with this pickle idea from Germany. Hide a pickle ornament somewhere on your Christmas tree, and the first person to find it on Christmas morning is rewarded with an extra gift.

Have a Kids Christmas Craft Day

Have a Kids Christmas Craft DaySource: bhg.com

There are millions of ways to get crafty during the holidays, so make it a tradition to create festive holiday gifts, decorations, and ornaments with your family every year.

Make Christmas Cookies Together

Make Christmas Cookies TogetherSource: momtastic.com

Santa will need Christmas Eve cookies, so why not bake up a batch with the kids? They’ll love to pitch in and help out with this tasty holiday activity.

Start a Holiday Tablecloth

Start a Holiday TableclothSource: countryliving.com

Create a treasured heirloom with a holiday tablecloth. Have the family sign and draw on the fabric. You can even trace little hands and watch them get bigger each year.


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