7 Ideas for Leftover Easter Candy Recipes

That 10-pound chocolate bunny seemed like a cute idea until you actually got it home and watched your kid gnaw on it’s ear. Now you’re staring at a partially crumbled hunk of week-old Easter chocolate and wondering how to keep it from going to waste.

Good news! We’ve got seven adorable and delicious ideas for post-Easter recipes. These yummy treats will turn that leftover Easter candy into sweets you’ll actually eat. Here’s how.

Easter Candy Bark

easter barkHave a mélange of Easter candy? This recipe makes it easy to take a mix of leftovers and turn them into a pretty little plate of homemade Easter Candy Bark. Quick, easy and so sweet!

Peeps S’mores

peep smoresIf your kids are like mine, they’d beg you to buy a million peeps and eat exactly one of them. Turn these into peep s’mores. This is a treat everyone can get behind as spring evenings warm up, making them perfect for cozy campfires!

Robin’s Egg Malted Milkshake

robins egg malted milkshakeKick it old school with a malted milkshake made with Robin’s Egg malted milk balls. Turn that Easter candy into a delicious, chocolate malted shake in minutes with this fun recipe! Doesn’t it look delicious?

Mini Eggs Skillet Cookies

mini egg skillet cookiesEveryone loves chocolate chip cookies! Turn those seasonal treats into this classic dessert with a scrumptious mini egg skillet cookie.

Jelly Bean Krispies

jelly bean krispiesRice Krispies mixed with jelly beans make for a bright, colorful treat. These leftover krispies are perfect for parties and after school snacks.

Chocolate-Covered Peeps

tuxedo peepsYes, more peeps! Dip your peeps into chocolate and you’ll suddenly want to eat everyone of those sugar-coated marshmallows. It’s like chocolate-covered strawberries but with peeps!

Cadbury Egg Brownies

cadbury egg browniesCadbury Eggs get turned into a layer of delicious candy filling in these adorable Cadbury Egg brownies. If you’re craving the classic Easter treat, but are ready to bring it into the next season, this recipe is for you!