6 Ways to Make Tax Time Painless

For most of us, getting our taxes done is an annual pain in the you-know-what. But what if there was a simpler way? This year, instead of gritting your teeth as you gather up receipts and income statements and all manner of papers, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could sail through tax season? The good news is, there actually is a better way.

Read on to discover smart ways to make doing your taxes way less stressful and way more simple. Hint: When in doubt, go pro! The team at H&R Block, whether you visit them in person or use their online services, is practically a walking encyclopedia on ways to simplify your taxes and hopefully save you money, time, and effort. Best of all, unlike other tax providers, H&R Block offers more for free and and a steep discount on all online products!

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Use the Right Service for Your Tax Situation

There are many different ways to file your taxes, depending on the complexity of your return. DIY with free online state and federal tax returns through H&R Block, or get full-on assistance with the help of a tax expert. If you start with one product and need more help, no worries – H&R Block’s services are completely flexible (they’ll even let you know if you should change products to help maximize your return).


Brush Up on Tax Reforms

Major new tax reforms from the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA) will impact just about everyone’s tax returns this year. It’s critical to understand what’s happening with your tax exemptions, as it could lead to tax savings (or increases). For example, families can now access an expanded standard deduction of $24,000 in itemized deductions, while single people can access $12,000. Not sure what you’re eligible for? H&R Block’s online products will prompt you on new credits and deductions as a result of this tax reform.


Make a List, Check it Twice

Do like Santa and save yourself plenty of hassle by ensuring you have all of your documents ready when you’re preparing your return. This helpful checklist from H&R Block is actually organized by document type, making it easy to focus on each section one at a time. If you use H&R Block’s online filing tools and apps, you can even take a photo of your W2 with your phone or tablet and upload it in a flash. Changing tax prep providers? Simply drag and drop a PDF copy of last year’s return and you’ll be ready to go.


Call on the Experts

For most people, it’s easy enough to file your taxes online, independently. But if you’re stumped on a unique aspect of your tax situation or simply want an expert to look things over, it may be time to bring in an H&R Block TaxPro. With Tax Pro Go, you’ll answer a few simple questions and get matched with a TaxPro who will prepare your return within five days of receiving everything they need, with no in-person office meeting necessary and secure online document uploading available. Planning to do a DIY return?  Access H&R Block’s Tax Pro Review to get a second set of eyes on your tax return before they sign and file it for you, ensuring you the maximum return possible.


Enjoy Tax Filing Freebies

Nobody loves paying to file their taxes, but there are ways to minimize your tax filing expenses while still maximizing your return. H&R Block guarantees the maximum return possible, and provides upfront pricing with no hidden fees. Plus, other online tax providers may have an additional cost for certain items. But with H&R Block, the following credits and deductions are free to file as part of your return:

  • Student loan interest and tuition payments
  • Child and dependent care credits
  • Form 8880 ‘Saver’s Credit’
  • Social security
  • Unemployment income
  • Form 8965 health coverage exemptions
  • State refund from last year

You can even nab an extra 5% refund bonus when you load your refund onto an Amazon gift card. Who knew tax time could be so rewarding?


Start Prep Now

April might seem like it’s a long time away, but tax deadlines can sneak up on you. Make a point to write down all pertinent tax deadlines for your unique situation and work backwards from there to figure out what you need, and when. By giving yourself a long runway and browsing the different H&R Block product options available to you now, you’ll save yourself major headaches come April 15 (and potentially get your return quicker too!)


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