6 Ways College Students Can Save


The average cost of college tuition is easily in the thousands, so wherever you can save money you should! Going off to college may be the start of managing your finances and it’s the perfect time to practice ways to save on expenses. We are sharing 6 easy things college students can do to save more. Share any other tips you have in the comments below!

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Save Money on Electronics

Electronics are a staple item for students. Take advantage of special offers for students such as T-Mobiles Campus Exclusive which offers $100 off smartphones and tablets to U.S. college students, college staff and even K-12 staff when they activate a new line


Let Apps Save You Money

Apps are one of the simplest and smartest ways to save money. Some apps like Mint will help you learn to budget your money and others like the coupons.com app will help you save when you hit the grocery and drug stores.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Your student ID can be a money-saver! Before making any purchases, ask if there is a student discount. For example; Apple, DELL, Banana Republic and even the New York Times offer a student discount. Many of these discounts are for teachers as well. Always have your student ID with you and before you pay, be sure to ask if the retailer or restaurant offers a discount.

Save on Textbooks

This is one expense where you can really save money by shopping used. Look online and even at the college book stores to find deals on gently used books. The savings can be significant! Try checking on Amazon as well. Just be sure when buying online that the shipping costs are free or minimal.


Use Coupon Codes

Before you make any online purchase, whether it is for your dorm room or school gear, check for coupon codes to save even more money! Stores like Office Max and Office Depot offer a variety of codes on popular items for college students. Everything from paper to laptops.

Dorm Room Deals

The trick to setting up a dorm room is making the most of the small space you have. Invest in bed risers and under the bed drawers. Use over the door shoe caddies for more than just shoes, fill them up with your personal care items like lotions and hairdryers. You can find coupon codes to stores that sell these items.