6 Pumpkin Milkshake Recipes to Fall In Love With

6 Pumpkin Milkshake Recipes to Fall In Love With | the good stuff

Source: Dine & Dish

The flavor of pumpkin is everywhere: Cakes, cookies, coffee, and even cocktails. I’ve seen the flavor in and on all kinds of recipes and it makes me happy. The pumpkin explosion means that the heat of summer is over, the leaves are changing, and the holidays are on their way!

One of my favorite ways to add pumpkin to my pre-holiday season cheer is to mix it with my other favorite treat, ice cream! Pumpkin shakes are a favorite in my house, and anytime I can add a twist to them I’m even happier. Check out my five favorite pumpkin milkshake recipes and add them to your must crave list!

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1. 4-Ingredient Pumpkin Milkshake topped with whipped cream


Source: A Day in Motherhood

The most basic of recipes, this pumpkin milkshake recipe will get you started down the road to happiness. With four simple ingredients, you’ll get that cool, pumpkin sensation you can enjoy anywhere. Don’t forget the whipped cream!


2. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie to indulge in


Source: Skinny Ms.

Pumpkin pie for breakfast seems ridiculous. But in reality, pumpkin can sweeten a powerful protein shake that gets your day going! Add spices and pure maple syrup to get that punch of power and flavor you’ll love.

3. Pumpkin Pie Shake to share with friends


Source: My Recipes

With this fun recipe you can cool off your slice of pumpkin pie and drink it, too! A combination of ice cream, pumpkin pie spice, and brown sugar, this recipe adds that real pumpkin taste to a dessert that will have everyone asking for more.

4. Pumpkin Pie Milkshake with a caramel twist


Source: Mom On Timeout

Add caramel ice cream to this recipe to get a twist no one expected! If you don’t want to use pumpkin pie filling, this recipe shows you how to use real pumpkin to get the flavor you love. Don’t forget the crushed cookies around the rim to make it that much more special.

5. Pumpkin Smoothie with a tofu treat


Source: Learning as a Family

Tofu? Yes! Even the kids will be drinking up this creative use of tofu to cream up a shake. Add vanilla almond milk and enjoy watching your family have a sweet treat that’s also good for them!.

6. Banana-Pumpkin Breakfast Shake to wake up to


Source: Dine & Dish

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dessert for breakfast. Add the flavors of banana, applesauce, and honey to this breakfast in a glass for a treat that gets you going for the whole day. Don’t forget the granola as a garnish and a straw to make it mobile!

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