6 Adorable & Fun Family Halloween Costumes

6 Adorable & Fun Family Halloween Costumes | thegoodstuff

It’s scary how fast Halloween is creeping up on us. With it comes the desire to not blow my entire budget on costumes to make the girls and I stand out, so I’ve been on the hunt for cheap and fun family Halloween costumes.

Since the “throw the sheet over your head and say ‘Boo!’” costumes didn’t impress last year, I have to be a little more creative. Almost anything you do, however, can be enhanced with items from the thrift store. Here are some family Halloween costumes that are absolutely too fun!

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Get your pets dressed up, too, with these 10 fang-tastic DIY pet costumes! Have a sense of humor but not much time to get ready for Halloween? Try these last-minute costume ideas on for size.

1. Minions


Source: Thrifty Little Mom

If you have kids, you know that the Minions are a big deal and have been for a while. These costumes are simple to put together. Overalls, a yellow shirt and hat, some goggles, and a printable you can do right at home complete the outfit. It can be done in any size for any kid, ages 0 to 100!

2. Family Trophy Shelf


Source: Costume Works

The sports-enthusiast family would love this one! All it takes is some gold paint — preferably body paint for the skin and face — some old sports clothing you’ve been meaning to replace anyway, some plastic crates, and a lot of fun imagination. Spray everyone head to toe gold, add their sports equipment of choice, and have them stand on a crate with a golden “Trophy awarded to” sign. Genius!

3. Stick Figure Family


Source: Costume Works

We’ve all seen them on the backs of cars: The stick figure family has become all the rage. Grab some black pants and a black shirt, some masking tape, and use a cardboard cutout attached to a baseball hat to make the head. This is so much fun and so affordable!

4. Star Wars


Source: Tip Junkie

With a little shopping at the thrift store and some creative wig styling, your whole family can relive the Star Wars Trilogy with pride. Homemade lightsabers can really drive the theme home.

Not sure you have time or the skills to recreate Star Wars for your family? Check out Target’s Star Wars sale, which includes lots of costumes and props straight from a galaxy far, far away!

5. The Mummy Family


Source: ParentMap

Ever wonder what to do with those dingy whites in the laundry? Wrap some gauze around them, dirty them up a little more with some brown spray paint or coffee grounds, and mummify the family for Halloween! Add some face makeup to really make it pop.

6. S’mores Family


Source: Cheerios & Lattes

Now this one will get ‘Oh that is sweet’ all Halloween night long! Some cardboard, small pillows, and creative printables will turn your family into the best S’more on the street.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time choosing costumes for my family now. What other ideas can you come up with that won’t break the bank? Share them with us in the comments below!

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