5 Fun & Crafty Cereal Valentines for Kids

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: Giggles Galore

I absolutely love celebrating holidays with my kids. One of my absolute favorite is Valentine’s Day. I get to hug and kiss them all day long and they can’t do anything about it because that’s what the day is for!

With each of my kids in school, making and handing out valentine crafts to schoolmates is a huge deal. But I want what we give to be fun, unique, and something other than candy. So I searched around and found some super cool cereal valentines for kids that would be fun to give to their friends.

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day crafts to put a love spell on your home decor, try these DIY paper roses or this super simple and sweet Valentine’s Day centerpiece. And don’t forget the heart-shaped goodies!

1. Cereal Box Valentines

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: WhiMSy love

I’m all about individualizing things to give kids, but with 60 plus valentines to make, I’m short on time. My favorite cereal craft is to tie a spoon around smaller boxes of cereal, add a note of appreciation to each one, and to hand those out. They don’t take long to make and every child will love them, plus they’re prepackaged so they should be safe to hand out in the classroom if your child’s school allows treats to be brought in.

2. Bird Feeder Cereal Valentines

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: Sweet & Simple Living

A great way to get your kids busy giving something to their friends that gives back to nature are these bird-friendly valentines. Kids can make these to hand out and explain to their friends that they’re for the birds in their backyards. Since kids get so much during valentine parties it’s fun to have something to hang out on the tree for someone else.

3. Froot Loops® Valentines

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: Days of a Domestic Dad

If you have kids with little hands, like a preschooler, this fun cereal craft will be a hit! Using pipe cleaners, a string, and construction paper, kids can create a personal message while working on their fine motor skills.

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4. Valentine Printables

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: Mighty Delighty

I love printables and feel like this craft would work for any holiday. Just purchase some tags at the store and take them home to print on. Find a great design online or create your own, then have the kids stuff the bags with cereal as you fold over the tags and staple. This is super easy, affordable, and fun!

5. Cereal Marshmallow Necklace

6 Cereal Valentines for Kids | thegoodstuff

Source: Giggles Galore

This is such a cute idea and, again, great for helping kids get involved with creating crafts for their friends! Using cereal with a hole in it, string it through a sturdy string, add a marshmallow for flair, and hand them out to friends. This is also a great one to do at home on a cold February day!


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