5 Ways to Upcycle Holiday Cards

upcycle holiday cards

Each year you slave away crafting the perfect cards for the season, or spending hours finding the best ones for your loved ones, only to throw them out once the holidays are over. Well this year, reduce waste and consider re-using and recycling old cards by turning them into fun new projects for the family. Read on to see how you can upcycle holiday cards into puzzles, coasters and more.

Gratitude Journal (Exclusive to The Good Stuff)

Gratitude Journal

Don’t throw away those beautiful cards of family and friends. Teach your children great values with an easy to make gratitude journal. Paste photos on the pages of a spiral bound or three-ring notebook. Glue photos to the top of the page. At the dinner table take turns opening up the journal. Spend time listing ways you are thankful for them and share fun memories of times spent together.


PuzzlesSource: Little Crunchy Mama    

Plan a craft time with kids and upcycle old cards into puzzles. Let the kids glue photo cards onto popsicle sticks. They cut in between the sticks then mix and match for funny photos.


OrnamentsSource: The Ornament Girl    

Recycle this years cards into next year’s ornaments. With a can top, glue, glitter and ribbon you can cut up your holiday cards and make sparkly ornaments to hang on your tree.

Holiday Memory Book

Holiday Memory BookSource: The Shopping Mama

Create a mini scrapbook by taking all of your holiday photo cards and punching a hole in one corner. Attach a ring and a tag with the year on it. You can add a few photos of the holidays and have a memory book to review all year long.

Photo Collage

Photo CollageSource: The Jenny Evolution

Reflect on your holiday vacation while the kids create a Christmas memory collage out of a stack of your holiday cards. Remember the fun times you had while they cut and paste to create a memory masterpiece!


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