Single Mom? 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

There’s nothing wrong with being single. I’ve been a single mom for over three years and I find it to be fantastic. Seriously, I have few complaints. I’d like to afford a chef but that’s about it!

Before the marriage, kids, and divorce, I was single for 30 years. I traveled, had amazing fun with friends, and basically lived it up. Somewhere along the way in single motherhood, though, I lost the “take care of me” need. I actually feel guilty when I purchase things for myself!

Sometimes in order to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves. Show yourself some love with this DIY pedicure kit that costs less than $25, giving yourself an energy boost with these mood-enhancing foods, and learn how to stay positive by being mindful every day.

With Singles Day on the horizon, I’ve decided it’s high time I buy myself something nice. Since we’re all on budgets, none of these things will break the bank. But they will all make us very, very happy!

Did you know that Singles Day is celebrated on November 11 in China, but on January 11 in the U.S.? Whichever day you plan to celebrate on (or both!), Lori’s ideas are a great way to treat yourself. You deserve it!

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Treat #1: A good book + the time to read it

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

We single moms understand the value of time. Sitting down to read a good book is a real treat. For me, taking the time to turn the pages, inhaling the smell of a new book, listening to the crack of the crease as I open it for the first time, is pure heaven.

It’s also a rarity. Buying a good book for myself, ignoring the laundry, dishes, clutter in the kid’s room, and all of my other chores and sitting down to read on a free weekend or alone moment is a real gift to me!

If you don’t have an e-reader, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to an Amazon Kindle plus a few Kindle e-books to satisfy your page-turning cravings. If you prefer the feel of a real book, check out Amazon’s great selection, plus our list of inspiring modern female authors! Don’t forget to check for Amazon coupons before you shop, too.

Treat #2: A favorite candle

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

Scents have a way of conjuring up memories, relaxing us and satisfying our senses. As we bustle around our busy day, passing a candle that is wafting a scent we love can be so soothing.

But the best part of this gift is the time you allow yourself to roam aimlessly through the candle store, inhaling the decadent scents along the way, a small, blissful smile on your face as you take the time to shop for something you’ll truly enjoy.

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Treat #3: A spa day

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

You laugh, I know. Spas are expensive. But the truth is that around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and the holiday season, spas offer great discount packages. If you can get one of those discounted packages, you can have a spa day for significantly less than usual, allowing you to get all the perks at half the price.

Have your ex, your parents, or your neighbor watch the kids and head out for a wonderful day that you really do deserve!

You don’t have to wait for that special time of the year to check for discounts at Massage Envy.

Treat #4: A warm sweater

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

Nothing says “I love me” more than a soft, bulky sweater that warms you from the inside out. It’s a small thing, but pulling it out and putting it on to curl up and watch a movie just feels perfectly selfish. The perfect oversized sweater can get costly, so start shopping at the discount stores as soon as winter is over can save you a ton.

Black Friday is another great time to shop for that indulgent, cozy sweater. Check out our guide to Black Friday shopping, and don’t forget to check for the latest Black Friday sales, deals, and discounts here at The Good Stuff and at!

Treat #5: Splurge & spend $100 on yourself

Single Mom? Here's 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Singles Day | thegoodstuff

It’s a lot, I know. But if you can skim it out of the budget somewhere, spend a clean, crisp $100 bill only on you. Take yourself to dinner, buy a good bottle of wine and a ticket to the movie you’ve been wanting to see. Anything you want, just spend it only on you!

Get more for your $100 treat with coupon codes from Fandango,, and CityPASS.

Yes, I know the kids need something. I know the house needs something. I know you’re worried about a rainy day. But you need this, too, and you deserve it! Single motherhood is all consuming sometimes. But for Singles Day, take a moment to spoil yourself, too!


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