5 Ways to Save School Memories

5 Ways to Save School Memories

Often the first day of school is harder for parents than it is for kids. One of the ways to ease the pain of separation is to focus your energy into preserving school memories. Here are five ways you can document that first day and save school memories that will be made throughout the year.

First Day Questionnaire

first day of school questionnaire
Source: Wine And Glue

Create a questionnaire for your child to complete on the first day of school each year. You can ask about their favorite book or food, hobbies or toys they like, and what they want to be when they grow up. Just make the questions the same each year, so you can see how their interests have developed. If you have some Photoshop skills, create an image that combines their first day of school photo and questionnaire answers.

First Day Photoshoot

first day of school photosSource: How Does She

Take a photo on the first day of school, frame it and then have your child hold it for a photo at the end of this school year. You may be amazed at just how much they’ve grown! A variation on this idea is to have your child hold last year’s photo, and then the next year they will hold a photo of them holding a photo from the previous year and so on. The idea is by the time they hit 12th grade, one photo will show them all the way back to kindergarten.

Your Grade in Chalk 

school grade in chalkSource: PinInspired

Even though most classrooms are now decked out with whiteboards, the chalkboard remains a symbol of school. Incorporate a chalk theme into first day of school photos. Head to the blacktop and write out their grade. Or, have kids hold a chalkboard with their stats on the front stoop.

Fun With Rulers

measure height with large rulerSource: Think.BigChief

Many families have a tradition of measuring kids each year and marking it on the wall to showcase how much they’ve grown. If you’re looking for a discreet way to track your child’s height, consider using the inside of a doorjamb. Or, you could embrace it and turn your measuring system into an attractive piece of home décor. We love these gigantic school rulers!

Store and Display

store display artworkSource: Improvements

Some frames are designed to display and store artwork. The one pictured opens like a cabinet and can store up to 50 pictures behind the one on display. Every week, you can simply open the frame and swap the artwork. It’s a great way to enjoy and preserve your child’s artwork without it taking over your home.